so let me tell you about that

tres leches I found HERE on Pinterest.  I finally made it.

When I first took the cake out of the oven I was a little scared.  It was hard, really hard.  Then I remembered that "oh yeah, this is tres leches so it will be soaked... duh..." and then I didn't worry.  I mixed the milks and poured over the top.

The next day I whipped up the topping,

spread it on top,

toasted it with my torch

and ate it.

It was fine.  Let's face it though, while there are different claims to the origin of tres leches, I was born, raised and still live deep in the heart of Tex-Mex so it will take some time to find what I'm used to.  I had no problem with the cake, it was the topping that was off.  It just wasn't the same as what I've had in so many restaurants around here.  The next day I pulled the cake out and popped open a jar of marshmallow fluff and spread it over each serving and torched it.  While Cosme liked it, I thought it was better but not perfect.

For now I'll probably stick with that.  I mean it was a lot faster and easier than the made-from-scratch topping.  Or, I could just stick with the recipe Cosme's used in the past and save the marshmallow topping for the restaurants... but where's the gluttony in that?

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