that cardinal is still trying to

break through the window of the front bedroom.  I noticed that empty nest the other day and decided I'd stick my phone up there to get another picture.  There are eggs now.

While I've always heard that a robin's eggs are blue with brown speckles, I googled cardinal eggs and they look the same.  Knowing that, I might still have thought the nest belonged to the cardinal if this one hadn't shown up as soon as I got too close to the nest.

I already had the picture and knew I shouldn't try for more.  She kept her eye on me but left the oleander and then went to the fence.

She left the fence and then went to the top of the house to stay.

When I was a kid and I'd go to my grandparent's house in the country and there were a lot of birds.  My grandfather would call the birds and feed them.  He taught me a few whistles but I don't remember too much of it.  Anyway, I decided I'd relive old times and call some birds.  I picked up on a whistle I was hearing and did that one.

This one flew in from behind and startled me.  I think it's the regular who wants to move in.

I kept calling.  The next thing I knew these two came flying and playing out of a tree across the street and wanted to come too.

"Hey, let's go over here.  I don't know whose whistle that is but they sound drunk so they must be having fun!"

I was starting to feel like Snow White.  I was about to hold out a finger and see if anything would land on it.  I decided not to because that might not would have ended well.  I did get on YouTube afterwards and search bird calls.  If I was a better whistler, I could probably make a hobby out of it.  I went out there a few minutes ago to confirm that 1) I suck at whistling and 2) Cosme's right, the house does need to be pressure washed.

Maybe I could just get a super duper lens and do more taking pictures of them and less trying to talk to them.  THAT sounds like the better option.

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