let's back this

thing up.  Okay.  So Tuesday I made pizzas.  I don't remember if I mentioned it and I don't feel like checking.  Anyway, Tuesday... pizza... The dough recipe I use makes three pizzas.  (Again, I've really got to start cutting these recipes in two.  I don't need seven pans of cinnamon rolls or four loaves of bread.)  Normally I probably would've done them all pepperoni, maybe a pepperoni and mushroom if I felt like going to the trouble.  This was the first time I'd made pizza dough with only two of us in the house.  What I decided to do was extra vegetables since Cosme likes his like that.  I usually cut up mushroom and maybe red bell pepper and saute in a pan and add to the pizza.  (I don't want uncooked vegetables and pizza time isn't long enough.)  Since I've been on this kick lately of roasting things, I figured I'd chop everything up and roast the vegetables while the dough was rising.  (Killing two birds with one stone.  The vegetables are cooking while the dough is using the warmth of the oven.)  Easy enough.  (But apparently not easy enough to use a real camera and get a decent shot.)

It hit me while the crust was in the oven.  Friday means no meat.  Perfect.  I'll have my pepperoni and mushroom while Cosme has his pepperoni and everything else and the third crust will be minus the pepperoni for lunch on Friday.  And here's part of what I ended up with:

Pepperoni, mushroom and red bell pepper for my lunch yesterday

Mushroom, red and green bell pepper and onion for lunches today.

I know of a back that needs patting.  Not to brag or anything but it's pretty good.

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