i tried to scan

an old Valentine postcard for today but there's an issue somewhere and I feel like a) dealing with it right now isn't something I have time for and b) the postcard isn't actually necessary.  I wanted to post it because I don't have a picture to share.  So here's a pictureless post. 

For the most part, today's a good day.  I have a sinus headache and am out of Zyrtec D and the pharmacy isn't open yet but I'm sure I could find something else to take, even if it does knock me out.  My stomach is funky and I'm hoping I don't have a bug but the only place I need to be isn't until later and if needed, I can always let them know I can't make it.  If I were going to lie down to try to sleep off the headache or bug, I wouldn't be able to watch tv (at least not until noon) but I do have books and an iPad.  I have plenty of cleaning to keep me occupied but it's not overwhelming.  So there you have it. 

I will share this while I'm here.  If you go to a participating Which Wich today, draw a heart by your name on your bag for ordering and they'll give you a free cookie.  I guess if you do it and they're not participating, they'll just think you're really weird and are looking for a Valentine.

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