i've got a lot

to do today.  I need to head to Brazoria to look through some Scentsy and if I'd been thinking, I would've left early with camera in hand so I could've caught the sunrise.  Call me obsessed.  But instead I'm sitting here catching up on what's going on in the world.  Again, no morning news to fill me in.  It sucks because yesterday morning I checked the weather on my phone.  According to iPhone, it was 39 degrees outside.  I put on a long sleeve shirt with a coat.  As I'm running errands, I notice the car is telling me it's 60 degrees outside.  I felt like a schmuck so at my first stop, the coat came off.

Speaking of my first stop, I ran out the door to get my plat over to the fence company.  They're getting my building permit and hopefully getting my fence up next week.  We'll see.  After I left the fence company, I noticed a section of hair sticking out from the tightened part of my pony tail and doing its own thing.  While I'm not known for carrying a brush or keeping my hair combed, I did brush it before the pony tail and I STILL managed to run around with bed head.  I just left it.

Anyway, before I'm off to start today's errands, I thought I'd share this piece of info I read online this morning.  Sure, she's probably in her 20's which is about right for a "celebrity" in his 40's but when you think about him taking a much younger girlfriend to Disneyland.  It almost sounds disturbing and illegal.

And just to clear it up, they're referring to the last Mr. Jennifer Lopez.

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