there's a fence

place on the highway.  I drove over there yesterday with my plat.  I figured if they were closed for Presidents Day, I'd write down the name and number.  If they were open, I'd go in.  They were open.  They have put up fences in my neighborhood and I think might have put up what fence I do have.  Anyway, they said it'd be no problem to fence over the easement.  I had someone come out to measure so I could have someone call me back with an estimate.  We walked along the back and he was keeping his eyes on his rolling measuring thing.  He got to what the plat shows as my property line and said, "okay".  I asked him if he sees what I meant and pointed behind him to the neighbor's house.  He then said, to clean it up for the public, "oh, crap".
I, being the worry wart, am now coming up with other scenarios on why the HOA might reject the placement of my fence.  I'm hoping it all ends well.

Yesterday I made dinner and I was about to throw a can out but then I took a second look.  I stripped it of its wrapper and grabbed my camera.

And now I'm off to get ready and visit my cousin in the hospital.  She's been there for a few days but is having surgery today.

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