there was a full

moon last night.  I tried my best to get it.  This is it through the neighbor's tree.

What's a little creepy is when I zoomed in on one shot, it looked like the neighbor's tree branches were hands grabbing the moon.

Along with a full moon yesterday, we had really high winds.  Instead of all the rain that I'd seen predicted the day before, we had wind.  Sure, we had a light drizzle in the morning but that left us with a sunny, windy day.  I was really counting on that rain to water my new tree and strawberries.  I haven't been outside yet but maybe, once the sun's up, I'll go check.  Here was my clementine tree before the strong winds.  (In case you missed it on Instagram or Facebook.)

I hope it's still standing.  Oh, and to make it all SO much better, I read this morning that we're scheduled for near freezing temperatures tonight and a really cold weekend.  I really picked a bad time to take up gardening.

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