the time for

privacy has come.  We need a little separation from our neighbors.  We've lived here for eight years and one side of our fence has never been completed.  There's a bit of a dilemma.  There is a 30' easement between us and our neighbors.  Assuming I'm reading this right, said easement is within our property line with the outer edge of the easement being the actual property line.  The dilemma has been do we fence in our yard just inside the easement which is basically handing a 30' strip of land to the neighbors to use or do we go without and be totally exposed.  Today I'm calling a fence company to ask about the possibility of an idea.  If it's doable and I am reading this correctly, I'll then email the HOA architectural control committee and ask beg for this to happen.  My plan is to put a straight line of fence on the outer property line from the back fence to however far up possible.  That will make me happy for right now.  Next on the to do list might possibly be a shorter fence on this side of the easement to actually fence in my yard.  Here's where I'm going with this:

So you see, when they break the rules and drive their car around to park in their backyard, they're actually driving on my property.  I mean unless I'm reading this totally wrong (in which case this post will SO be deleted...)  One more thing which I'm not too happy about is a big oak tree.  They've taken care of it and even had it trimmed back a few years ago.  Ends up it might possibly be on our property line.  Guess what.  I don't like it.  With that tree comes worms nests and leaves and possible hurricane destruction.  I wouldn't care if it eventually had to come down.  If this happens, and I'm really hoping they let me, we can enjoy a little privacy in our backyard.  So yes, I might be paying to have a partial fence put up for them but if I'm reading this right (it's been a while since I've dealt with plats and all that) I'm also paying to claim what's mine.  So everybody pray, hope, cross your fingers, grab a rabbit's foot, do what you need to do so we can make this happen.  And in the meantime, would this even look good?

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