day two of the

Doctor Visit Tour 2016 is down and it was a hit.  It's usually really hard for people to find a spot to get blood from me.  This only took a second and she was done.  She did tell me once she got everything going that I could relax my hand.  I played it off real cool like, with an "oh, ok" like I was only doing it to make her job easier.  Little did she know I had no idea my hand was clenched that tight until she said something, that was pure nerves.  Now let's just hope all the readings come back fine.  I'd hate to think that my little reward for getting all that past me ends up being something the doctor says I need to cut back on.
Replenishing my system after that 17 hour Coke-free zone.
So yeah, I probably should cut back on McDonald's Cokes and tacos from Jack in the Box but I needed it.  Fasting takes a lot out of me... like the small amount of will power I do have.  Speaking of no will power, I have some buttermilk I need to use.  I think I'll make a sheet cake.

Remember that museum exhibit I talked about that I REALLY wanted to see that weekend a while back?  Well, it ends on the 18th and guess what.  Really, guess.  It's sold out completely until then.  MFAH is staying open for 24 hours on the last Saturday and even THAT is sold out.  Oh well, at least there are other people's photographs.  I'll just drown my sorrows in this large Coke from Mcdonalds.  I guess it'd suck even more if there was no Instagram.  Maybe Cosme will feel sorry for me and want to take me somewhere else... I hear there's something cool at the Museum of Natural Science and I think I even had an email from them this morning.  I'm on it!

First I better get back into my routine, you know, the routine where I don't sit in bed all morning to avoid accidentally eating something.  I'm going to make the most of this day and I'll start with the laundry!  (I honestly don't mean for that to sound so pathetic.  I'm enjoying not having anywhere to be or anything to do and am sincerely looking forward to doing laundry.) 

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