i just had a

Coke and I could really use another.  Today was day one of the Doctor Visit Tour 2016 and ugh...  It started off with me trying to fast but then 8:30 rolled around and I needed something to eat.  I know, you're probably surprised to find out but not all my breakfasts are as glamorous as a bowl of instant oatmeal.  Who do you think I am?  A real housewife of Beverly Hills?  Today it was just toast.

I figured if that killed any chance of routine blood work, then I'd have to make an additional appointment for that... much earlier than 2:00 in the afternoon.  By 10:30 my head was killing me.  I needed more food and caffeine but I just drank a Fresca.  I'd already had food and drink so I could've just gone all out and had a decent meal.  Since I have anxiety issues, there's no way my nerves would've let me have a meal anyway.  I went without anything else.

Once at the doctor, we were notified she was running about 30 minutes late.  No big deal.  It started pouring as I'd pulled up and I wasn't about to get back out in the rain.  Once my turn came to be called, I went on back for my checkup.  The doctor started to talk about hormones and everything else that comes along with getting older.  I told her I didn't need to consider any of that right now because I was probably going to end up with the B word at the eye doctor and that's too much OLD stuff for right now.  Then we started talking about eyesight.  I do have to go back tomorrow for blood stuff but it's first thing in the morning (well, 9:00 so maybe first thing for them).  So for now I've stuffed my face and am wondering if I should take more ibuprofen for this headache.  By the way, she doesn't expect anyone to fast that long and always just issues the paperwork to come back.  Next time I'll try to remember that.

The photo challenge for today was "the little things".  I took a picture but didn't post it so I'll just share it here.

The little things.  I read more and saw she was referring to little things that happen and not just the big events.  I could have posted this though.  Yes, pen caps are little but when you think how important they are, how many pens we'd have to throw out and waste if we didn't have them, the little things really do matter.  (Wow, I could've gotten all deep and philosophical on you.  Lucky for you it's not really my style.)

I pepped myself up and planned what I'd make for dinner tonight (yes, it's that time again where I try to get out of the restaurant habit) but I think I've talked myself out of it.  As delicious as my meal plan sounds, La Casona sounds a lot easier.  The will power is weak with this one.  La Casona it is.  Let's face it, after the dull meals I've had today and the breakfast I won't have tomorrow, I think I deserve a little something special.  Don't you?  Thanks for backing me up on that, you're awesome.

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