i finally made it to

Pearland Wednesday.  I was really looking forward to getting over there and picking up pillows and possibly a throw for the bed.  I bought the plain grey bedspread because I figured it'd be so easy to add those pops of color.  So I realized that the navy might make it look too Dallas Cowboys, remember?  I decided to go with it anyway.  It looks totally Dallas Cowboys.

This is only a grey sham with a navy and silver pillow and I also plan to get white sheets but still.  I'm feeling a little discouraged.  I have two more pillows I want to order online and then I'd like to find a smaller rectangle pillow or bolster to go in front of the navy but I kind of think I'm headed down the wrong road.  I just don't know.  Maybe I'll make a trip to Houston or Sugarland.  There are still another couple of stores I'd like to check out but right now I'm only feeling Dallas Cowboys about this direction.  But I like the grey! And I like the blue!  I feel like a lighter blue won't be bold enough.  I'm also thinking maybe if that middle pillow weren't solid navy the navy and white one I put back to get this one that it might work better.  ugh.  This is so discouraging, much like Tony Romo's medical chart.  Maybe I'll just end up doing black and white but that's not really me... at all.  This is so hard.

In the meantime, Cosme and Eric went to Arlington to a Cowboys game yesterday.  Maybe it's a sign that I should definitely go with the color scheme.  Maybe it won't look so footballish if I add more black and white.  Or maybe I should've just had them pick up some pillows and lamps while they were at the stadium.  No.  I haven't totally given up hope.  Yet.

So while they were at this game, I was getting pictures and videos.  They sat in the Founder's Club.  Founder's Room?  Whatever it's called, it's special.  They had free food and drinks all night as well as getting to go down to the tunnel to see the players, cheerleaders and Jerry Jones as they all came out.  I was pretty jealous.  They sent me pictures of them eating their sliders and prime rib while I had my nachos.

They sent me another picture during halftime when they went back for huge boiled shrimp, some crab something and lots more.  I thought about going to get a bowl of cereal.  It ended up with the Cowboys losing but the experience was pretty awesome and they're looking forward to going back.  They did get a tshirt for me - I just hope it fits.

Now I need to TCB and hope this sinus headache goes away.  I woke up with a really bad one this morning and now I'm waiting for my Zyrtec to jump into action... still waiting.

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