that was some

holiday weekend.  I didn't do much but that's okay.  Most of the time I enjoy days like this one here so well represented by Strat.

I'd actually like a redo.  I'm tired and don't really feel like doing much.  And boy, there's a lot I need to get done before 10:30.  For starters, I need to call the chiropractor in a few minutes and start that back up.  I haven't been in a couple of months and I guess it's a lot like anything else.  It's easy to fall out of the routine.

We did fix the fence problem, now that the dogs (more specifically, Maggie) has chewed away at a large portion of the gate.  She's been so rebellious lately.  I was out there trying to fix it on my own the other day and needed to get behind the thorny bougainvillea.  I didn't have any rope but I had plenty of ribbon.  I might not be outdoorsy but I am a little crafty.

I think they compliment each other.  The next day I went to Lowe's and bought something to tie around the other bougainvillea so that maybe it'll start growing up instead of out.  I guess I could do a before and after picture.

I also think I need to start making sure my computer files are backed up to an external hard drive.  I've had my laptop for 5 years now and it's dragging.  I'm not ready for another laptop yet.  I have the 17" Macbook and I think they quit making these.  I'm pretty sure they only have 13" and 15" now.  I would get one for my birthday but I've already started some birthday shopping and I'm also planning to get a new phone in October.  I told Cosme that I know I say it every upgrade season but this year I've stressed several times MAKE ME GET THE PHONE WITH MORE MEMORY.  I'm so cheap I usually back out of spending the extra money but I have too much going on to keep playing games with this "storage full" nonsense.  I've deleted so much and I just don't know what else to do other than get more space.  Well, I guess I could not be so dependent on my phone but please... (insert scoff here)

I guess I'll go get dressed and make that call to the chiropractor.  Can I just relive this moment for a second longer?

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