i've been busy in the

kitchen the past couple of days.  There was a breast cancer awareness shopping event in West Columbia yesterday.  My aunt asked if I would make some pink sweeties for her store so I made those along with some pink covered pretzels.

It worked out perfectly.  I bought some cake boxes that ended up being too small for my 9' cakes for the bazaar but the were great for holding approximately six dozen sweeties.  They were also the perfect size for holding a batch of pretzels.

Yesterday I baked a couple of loaves of bread (at Eric's request) and today I'll make some Halloween cupcakes.  Tomorrow I have a Capture Crawl in Eric's neighborhood so I'll just drop all that off before I get started.  Now I need to find something good for storing cupcakes since his half will be sent in the carrier.

In the world of animals, Strat is on another 2 weeks of antibiotics.  I tried breaking the dose up into wet food yesterday.  He didn't fall for it so it looks like I'm stuck cramming pills down him for the next couple of weeks.  The vet also wants me to start giving him pills for bladder support.  I think we'll wait until he's done with the antibiotic.  Not only is three pills hard enough so why make it four but think about how easy the one pill will be after suffering through three.

I ordered a few Christmas presents the other day.  One was delivered the day before yesterday and two were scheduled to be delivered yesterday but then I got this notice on my tracking stuff.

I'm not terribly irritated since it'll still be here before Christmas and I didn't really need it last night but now I'm curious.  What happened at 4:02 to add three days onto my delivery?  That sounds a little serious.  At first it didn't change the delivery date so I figured the UPS truck must have broken down and there would be a delay.  When they changed the delivery date, that got me wondering.  I mean really, I have Amazon Prime so this was all fast shipping but now the delivery time is double?  That means everything is probably having to be resent.  I pictured a UPS truck on fire on the side of a highway, I pictured a scene that could have come out of Castaway, I wondered if the truck was hijacked and what thieves would do when they came across my package (if you knew what it was you'd wonder too)... I'm SO curious to know.  I'm pretty sure though, once again, that the real details aren't near as exciting as what's going on in my head...  lucky for that delivery guy.

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