i picked up and

inspected some paint samples. 

I'm so overwhelmed and entirely too picky.  There are a few I like in certain lights but not so much in others and then there are the rest that are just totally wrong.  I've made the decision to keep looking at paint samples and on Friday we will go check out flooring options.  Yeah, remember those two tiles I picked out a few months ago that I LOVED?  I'm having second thoughts now.  It's not easy being so picky on top of indecisive.  I know exactly what I want right now but I might want something totally different in a month.  This is why we are both going looking at flooring options.  And you know what?  I think Pinterest might be a bad thing.  It keeps putting different ideas in my head.

On Sunday though, my head was in the clouds... or, just slightly below.  We went for a little flight.  Here's a picture I got flying over San Luis Pass. 

Oh well, I guess I'm going to head off and back to the drawing board or idea board or whatever.  Whatever I want to call it, I'm headed off to overwhelm myself with more ideas and colors.  I think I'll check out what kind of critter the dogs have cornered and are barking at too.

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