i finally got cosme

to go check out the flooring options.  While we're totally undecided on anything else, we know which carpet we want in the bedrooms. 

When I first walked in I saw this one and loved it.

I didn't know what Cosme would think.  I really didn't even know what I'd think in 30 minutes so I looked around, seeing what else I might like.  I took a few samples home.

I slid them under the dresser and then under the bedspread.

Then I found a paint color I liked and held it next to them.

Then Cosme got home and pointed out the one he liked, the first one I liked.  So we went back to the flooring store and scheduled a time for them to come measure.

I also decided on one other thing.  Remember the new grey bedspread I just got?  I think I want to stick with tan and get a new one.  Give me a few hours and I'll pick one out just in time to change my mind again.

Now I'm off.  I've got to get to the grocery store and use a coupon that expires today.  Hey, it's a good one.

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