i think we might have

a situation brewing with the dogs.  It all started a month or so ago, I guess.  I think I already mentioned it but I've always fed the dogs out of one dish.  Maggie has always stepped back and let Archer eat first.  All of a sudden she's had a change of heart.  I've had to get onto her a few times now for practically attacking Archer when he goes to eat before she's ready for him to.  Now it's come down to her being really possessive of me.  While she eats first, I try to stand off to the other end of the patio to pet him.  As soon as she sees it, she comes to me and he walks off.  She sticks around for a few seconds to make sure he's not coming back and then she goes back to the food.  Repeat.  Unlike if there was a cat behavioral problem, I will call in a dog trainer if this keeps up.  I just don't know what's gotten into her.  It's almost like she's bipolar.  When they've had their spats over the food, she forgets about it almost immediately.  Archer, on the other hand, needs his space after she acts out.  It's not like they're fighting, it's just her.  I don't know.  This morning I took them on their separate walks and spent a little extra time with Archer, petting, scratching and hugging.  I can say it here because I know Eric doesn't visit and read anything I write but this morning before I let them out of their cage, I noticed Archer had three or four spots on his forehead where hair was missing.  My first thought was that it was from Maggie but there's no irritation or redness that seems like her nails would leave.  I just don't know.  Where's the dog whisperer when I need one?

I picked up my non-bifocal glasses today.  I figure I can go ahead and say the B word since it doesn't apply to me...yet.  I like them and these Eyezen lenses work.

I stuck with black frames but instead of solid, I went back to my usual tortoise shell.  The whole process was weird.  Normally I go back and forth between a few pairs, texting pics and stressing over the decision.  This time I walked over to the frames, saw these, tried them on, held onto these while trying on a couple of others and then told the girl I wanted these.  What normally is about 30 minutes of me trying to make up my mind took no more than 5. 

I took a picture the other day while all the baking was going on.  I'll let you guess what almost happened.

That could have been a nasty experience.  I had the lid off the vanilla before I decided to look down - and that was only because I was wondering why the lid to my Coke felt so weird.

I was going to take the time and go get a pedicure today but that walk with the dogs ended with a blister so now my afternoon is free.  I guess I'll take advantage of it and start on dinner or laundry... or dvr.

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