yesterday was a crazy

day.  It started off with Strat having to be at the vet at 7:45.  After dropping him off I went to Walmart to pick up a few things for Eric, like Nyquil, Dayquil, Vicks Vapor Rub, soup, Lysol and all that kind of stuff.  After Walmart I drove it all up to Eric.  While there, he asked me to go get some popsicles.  I left him medicated and fed and then I headed back home to eat lunch, do laundry, make dinner and wait for the call to get Strat.  I did all that and once I got Strat home, I had to give him a bath because of an accident he had in his crate.  Oh, then I had the pleasure of giving him is meds.  After that was done I finally had time to take a shower and then I was able to clean the kitchen.  After that I went to bed.

Once in bed I did get online and order a few Christmas presents.  I also looked for a couple of things to wear on a weekend trip we're planning to Mexico.  Here's one of the things I came across.

I'll pass, thanks.  Or, maybe I should pick it up for the next time I travel to 1976...

Speaking of time travel, there's a new series I started dvr-ing on NBC called Timeless.  It's about a few people who are sent on a mission and have to do some time traveling to catch a bad guy who stole a time machine... or is the government the bad guy and they're sending the crew to stop a good guy?  The first episode was okay, I was going to watch the second one today but the previews for episodes to come look like it could get interesting.  They aren't supposed to let any facts change and their first mission was back to 1937 with the Hindenburg.  The next episode involves Abraham Lincoln.  We'll see.

Another show I've started recording is Westworld on HBO.  I'm only about 10 minutes in on the first episode but it looks like it could be really good.  The previews make me think it's like Total Recall and maybe a little bit of The Matrix but set in the wild west.  We'll see on this one too.

So I recorded those shows on Sunday but we did actually sit down and watch the Cowboys play. 

Strat wanted to hold feet.  He also says they should not mess up what they have going on with Dak Prescott by sticking Tony Romo back in once he's healed.

I tried a new recipe with the sliders I made on Sunday.  We really liked it and I'll make it again but probably not with burgers.  It's potato wedges and I figured "okay, we'll have it like french fries" but it's really a little too much to go along with burgers.  Or maybe they're perfect but I should stop at one...

They are really good though and that recipe is HERE.  For the two of us though, I only used one large potato instead of the three or four the recipe calls for.

Now I'm going to go make some Halloween treats.  No, these aren't for trick-or-treaters.  I've just spent too much time on Pinterest and in the Halloween aisles and now I need treats.  I guess I'll take one for the team and eat them myself.  Don't worry, I'll share all my wins and fails here.  I'd even share a treat if it were possible.

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