i gave in and called

the vet for a new prescription for Strat.  He had to go back last Monday to get retested after his first round of antibiotic.  There was a tiny bit of infection left in his system, small enough to where after another round of antibiotic, he won't need to get tested again.  Either that or he's just a jerk and they're tired of putting up with him.  Anyway, after his appointment last Monday, they called on Wednesday and gave me the results.  Knowing how difficult it is to give him pills, they offered to order a gel antibiotic that can just be rubbed into the tips of his ears.  That gave me the option of either picking up pills on Thursday (without having a dose since Sunday) or I could order the gel on Thursday and have it shipped.  Since I didn't want him to go any longer than necessary without medication, I went for the pills.  Fast forward to Sunday.  He bit me pretty bad.

Once the bleeding slowed down, I grabbed my Thieves instead of peroxide and Neosporin.  I've been using it daily and trying to keep a band aid on just to keep it covered.  I've also been wearing gloves quite a bit just to keep from washing the oil off.

The last straw wasn't the bite though.  The last straw was yesterday when I went to refill the water dish and saw a full pill on the floor.  I picked it up and planned to give it to him as soon as I finished with the water.  When I turned around and was walking to put the water back, I saw another full pill.  That did it.  I can't handle a cat with a bladder infection who can't get better because he won't swallow his pills.  In the meantime, he's locked in the bedroom because I don't want any symptoms or retaliation showing up in other parts of the house... if you know what I mean.

I called the gel in, which is actually cheaper than the pills per dose.  Well, the vet calls the gel in and I call the pet pharmacy to pay and have it shipped. Where the gel gets you is the shipping.  The gel is about $14 while the shipping is $15 for it to be here on Thursday.  I called the pharmacy's phone number, with their Houston area code.  I asked if this was something I could pick up, they said yes and that's what I'm doing this afternoon.  I'm saving $15 and getting it a day early and I won't have to sit around the house waiting to sign for it.  Oh, I'll also stop at a store or two when passing through Pearland.  See how it all works out?

I was catching up on some dvr this morning and this scene from The Middle had me laughing.  The easiest way for me to get it here was record it on my phone and then get it from YouTube, trust me, it was the easiest way.  So, it's not like it's a top quality video but it's the content.

This has been Strat and me for the last few weeks.

The pharmacy said his prescription would be ready at 12:00.  I can't wait.

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Kathy said...

Lmao! I've wanted to do that to you, Lauren, and Mama.