there's one thing I found

out yesterday.  I don't like going to the fair on free admission night, which was also youth night.  I figured since it was a school night, the crowd wouldn't be so bad.  I honestly imagined my car as one of the few in the parking lot.  I was wrong.  It was more like one of the few hundred.  We didn't stick around long.  I told Cosme I'd rather come back when I have to pay to get in.  I think I took one picture with my camera and I'm pretty sure it's garbage.  Whatever.  I did get one with my phone.  We'll call this one "Man Down".

I hope there wasn't a kid on that thing when it decided to take off.

The lines were long and my temper was short.  We left and that was that.  I won't be going back this weekend because the forecast is rain, rain and more rain.  I don't know how long the fair lasts but if this weekend is it, looks like I'll have to wait until next year... when it's NOT free admission night.

In other news, my phone thinks my shower is much worse than it really is.  Lauren and I had talked about water stains on the glass and Samsung wanted to take cleaning to a whole new level.

Maybe that is what happened because the glass looked really good.

Now I need to go wash my hair because I've got errands to run today.  Maybe a pedicure will make up for my fair photo op fail last night.  Maybe.

Halloween is

coming. (hint)  Everyone knows I like a themed Halloween with costume and decorated porch to scare everyone.  Our big one was The Walking Dead.  That one was pretty epic and we even had Eric's friends dressed up and helping.  Last year there wasn't really a theme but it was just spooky.  I guess the theme would be "spooky".  I had clamp lights positioned with red flood lights and my smoke machine.  I have an idea for this year but the costume might be a little difficult.  Instead of red lights, I want to use blue flood lights with the smoke machine and dress as a white walker.  Cosme said he'd participate if he could be The Night King.  So far I haven't found the mask.  I did start working on my white walker mask yesterday though.  If it turns out decent, he might agree to do that with me.  The next task would be finding a costume.  I have several ideas so we'll see what I can come up with in the next week.  I say week because if it's not going well, I'll have to ditch that plan and go with my backup plan of creepy clown.  I'll be happy with either.

As for the mask I'm working on, I found an old man mask at Walmart.  This is before I got started.

He doesn't really look like a white walker but it's as close as I've found.  The nose is bigger than I need but it will be darkish and foggy on the porch.  I'm hoping that'll also help hide the mustache, that can't be cut totally off.

I started with greys and black, mainly for a base to cover the flesh color.

I started to add white and kept flipping through my different examples on Pinterest.

His nose was also indented so I stuffed paper towels in there to push it out while the paint dries.

Oh, maybe I'd get a better idea of it if...

I put blue paper in the eye sockets.

I definitely won't have blue contacts in while I'm handing out candy but OH!  A NEW IDEA JUST POPPED IN MY HEAD!  If I can't come up with a costume, I can chain him up in a chair and maybe put blue Christmas lights in his head for eyes and use our other GoT costumes from a few years ago!  AWESOME!!!  I could be Sansa or even Jon Snow and Cosme could be ZOMBIE LITTLE FINGER!!! I would probably need to hang a spoiler alert sign on the walkway.  This will be awesome.  I need more participants now!

Okay, back to the mask.  So I added the blue paper and this is where he is now.

 Better lighting.

I still need to figure out what to do with the hair.  He's got long hair with a long mustache and beard.  I have a can of grey hair stuff I can use to touch it up.  If I use it on the mustache, it'll hopefully blend in with his face and won't be as noticeable.  Also, Cosme used that grey spray for his temples when he dressed as little finger before.  See how things just come together?  Anyway, looks like the white walker will be getting a trim today and maybe a few touches of grey.

Maybe I'll have a finished white walker mask to post tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll have a few extra pics too.  I want to go the the fair this evening and walk around.  I just read that today is free admission so what better time to go if my only goal is to take pictures and have a funnel cake?  Who am I kidding though?  I'd pay the admission fee even it was only for a funnel cake.

I'm pretty sure yesterday involved

a few deleted scenes from The Twilight Zone.  It was nuts.  Some drama started up with one of Eric's teachers.  It all started with me answering an unknown Houston number on my cell.  I immediately called Eric to find out WTF was going on.  After that my phone rang again with a local number.  Again, unlike my normal self, I answered. 

Guy: I just missed a call from this number.  Who is this?

Duh. What's the first rule you learn as a kid when your parents allow you to start answering the phone? Do NOT give your name.

Me: I didn't call anyone.
Guy: Well I have a missed call from you.
Me: Well I haven't used my phone.
Guy: That's fine if you didn't mean to call.
Me: NO. I haven't used my phone.
Guy: I have a missed call from you.
Me: Well that's ODD because I HAVEN'T CALLED ANYONE.
Guy: Okay, well this is [insert name].

Who was he to tell me I just called him when I KNOW I didn't?  I scrolled through my call history to prove to myself I didn't.  I almost did a screenshot to text him PROVING I didn't call him.

Second phone rule for myself: continue to NOT answer unknown numbers, local or not.

Speaking of nuts, I don't add any to my banana bread.

I made two regular loaves and 2 tiny loaves yesterday, while chili was in the crockpot and before I made cornbread.  Hey, a front blew through and a long-awaited morning in the 50's will do that to anyone.  Forget that the high probably got up to the mid 80's, it's the low that matters and is celebrated.

The roofers also came yesterday.  They'll come back to finish today.  I won't be able to see any change I'm sure but after yesterday's craziness, I just don't care.  Just do the unseen work that isn't cheap and let everyone who crosses my path be normal.  Please.

roofers are coming today to fix

an issue on our two-year-old roof.  No, the same roofer isn't coming back.  When I hang up on you after saying you'll never hear from me again, I mean it.  I'm glad to have the roof fixed even though we never knew there was a problem, I just wish it was a fix that when I walked past I could say "that looks so good and that was money well spent".  I'm not asking for noticeable problems around the house but take the landscaping for example.  When I pay a lot of money, I can walk past and appreciate how pretty that expensive work was.  I guess I can walk past and just be thankful I have a roof... and that it wasn't anything even more expensive... and noticeable.

An ad for Behr paint came up on Instagram the other day.  This is TOTALLY a Melanie color.

I'm thinking the blue bookcase might get a new look.  You know, something inexpensive that everyday when I walk by I can say, "that bookcase looks so pretty and it wasn't expensive at all".  Yeah, maybe it'll happen right after that camera outing I keep hoping for.

well that didn't go

as planned.  When it came down to it, we decided not to go to the Renaissance Festival.  We would had to have gotten up really early, made a long drive, dealt with crowds and traffic and who really wants to spend a day off doing that?  We decided we didn't want to.  Luckily we hadn't purchased tickets yet.  Having the day to do other things also means I didn't get any pictures at the TXRenFest.  That's a bummer but what's more of a bummer is that I didn't get any pictures anywhere.  I talked about us going out to Brazos Bend later in the day but then realized we still had to go to Eric's to pick up the car we'd left there on Friday that was going to get picked up on our way home from the festival.  It's fine.  We still had a good time.  When we got home and I had the bedroom blinds open and saw the sunset though, I was kicking myself for not heading out there as soon as we got back.

I still might make a trip of it one day this week.  Monday and Friday are really my only options and considering that it's Monday morning and I need to TCB, it might not happen today.  We'll see.

The other day we went to Luby's.  It sounded good, sometimes it just does.  We don't go all the time but when we do, it's drive-thru.  This day we decided to go in and I wasn't staring but I looked several times at the people in front of me who ordered sausage, chicken fried steak and baked chicken.  I ordered the same thing I've ordered for as long as I can remember ever going to Lubys, Luann chicken fried steak.  The girl replied, "we don't have Luann, it's all buffet today"... it took a minute to register.  I was thinking "isn't it always a buffet?" then I realized that no, the word I was looking for was "cafeteria".  (Maybe I need to get out more often.)  My next thought was along the lines of why would somebody who orders Luann (smaller portions) need a buffet?  Then it hit me.  ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT MACARONI AND CHEESE, ROLLS AND DESSERT.  Score.  I got my chicken fried steak with mac & cheese, carrots, a roll and a slice of apple pie.  (I must say the dessert selection wasn't great, couldn't find any cheesecake or pecan pie.)

Then I was full and didn't have seconds of anything.  No second helping of macaroni and cheese, no second roll and no multiple desserts.  I failed the Luby's buffet.  Next time I'll know: don't waste my time on carrots (that's not even my usual second side selection).  I should've skipped the carrots and grabbed cake.  When we left I thought about a trip to Luby's with my great-grandparents and how at the time I thought my great-grandfather was a little crazy (alzheimer's aside) for getting a bowl of gumbo, a bowl of jello and a couple of desserts.  Now I get it.  Skip the carrots when there is extra dessert to be had.  I will do better next time.  I owe it to myself.  I owe it to the sweet tooth that runs throughout my family.  I will be the victor and the Luby's buffet will be my b!tch*.  
 *It's hard to be gangster and pg all at the same time but bless my heart, I try.

Now that I'm on my gangster roll, TCB or camera?  I'll decide after I put the clothes in the dryer and start the next load.

i really want some

camera time.  I've been talking to Cosme about us taking a quick trip.  I know he'd like some time off.  I know I'd love some time with my camera.  So, I've thrown a few options out there.  We'll see.

We're going to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday.  I'm sure there'll be several photo ops there.  I'll keep working on a quick trip just in case.

As it is right now, my stomach is up to its old tricks and being difficult.  I'm hoping that lack of photo ops will be my biggest issue.

i've been keeping screen shots

of my phone's suggestions.  It started with this one.

That freaked me out.  Was my phone trying to send me a warning?  I checked the windows and everything was fine.

Then my phone said this.

I let Lauren know.

I wasn't even thinking about Ian Astbury (lead singer of The Cult) and didn't want to jinx us but apparently I'm more important than I thought and have control over Ian Astbury's fate.

 Then I decided to see where it would take me.

 I went with "letting".

 I went with "me know".

Who the heck is Sino???  And how does my phone know him?  Is it a message?  Is it a warning?  I'm going with this... Sino is a crisis actor and he's in on the next plot my phone is trying to warn me about.  It's okay, I don't really believe that about Sino but it sounds a lot more comforting than someone sitting there in the NSA's phone tapping spy bunker just playing around and messing with me.  It's okay, I don't really believe that either.  Yet.

we were passing

Krispy Kreme the other day and noticed the Hot light was on.  Hot doughnuts.  I made a u-turn.  Not only did they have hot doughnuts but they also have Halloween doughnuts.  You know what's equally as awesome as a hot doughnut?  A cream filled doughnut (from Krispy Kreme, at least).  I ordered one Mummy.

She misunderstood and gave me two.  Oh, how I love happy accidents.  (FYI, I was charged for it but for her to think I needed two instead of one, I wasn't about to correct her.)  I could really go for a cream filled happy accident right now.  I went over to Bucees this morning to fill Cosme's car up while he was getting ready and grabbed a taco for him.  I was going to get one for myself but I'm difficult and need to special order what I like and I didn't feel like waiting.  So now I'm here at the house looking at this picture, the only thing left of the mummies, and just finished a bowl of oatmeal.  I'm wishing I'd been a little more patient at Bucees and placed my order.  You know what would finish off a bowl of oatmeal really well?  A bite of a bacon, potato and cheese breakfast taco.  It's going to be a long morning.  Maybe I should wait until I have a decent meal before going grocery shopping.  Or maybe I should just add bacon, potato, cheese and tortillas to my list.

the church bazaar was on

Sunday and I was nervous about the print I donated.  I wanted to hear how much it went for but then I didn't.  Not that any of it was going in my pocket but it kind of says something about what people think about my finished product.  It went for $200.  I was happy because being the natural worrier I am, I had a feeling it wouldn't go for very much.  $200 was fine.  It wasn't as much as the regular price of the image but considering the shop had a sale and it was technically an $80 item, it was fine.  We never found out what Cosme's flight went for.  Again, it's not like it's going to our pocket but it's nice to hear an amount to see if the donation is even worth it.  I'm sure his was a good amount.  I know it was last year.

Speaking of art, it's always been my scene.  As time goes on though, I don't really fit it with a lot of the art crowd.  I'm conservative and the art scene just isn't.  It all goes back to the example I've used before about how as my friends were young, nobody trusted the government.  It was cool, it was kind of punk and it made sense.  Now I see them all acting the same way, they still think they're all cool and punk and anti-establishment but wanting to hand over so much trust in the government: let them control guns, healthcare, even our vocabulary... just don't take away abortion.  The rebels.  Anyway, I saw something the other day and it summed up everything I've been saying.  I came across a conservative street artist, Sabo.  One of his things says "Republican is the new Punk".  Not that I want to be punk, and when it comes to the fine print, I'm probably not even 100% Republican.  I for sure don't want to be a mindless robot, doing and believing what I'm told because The Man has programmed me to.  I looked Sabo up and came across this website for Unsavory Agents.  It's nice seeing this stuff stand up to the "liberal" agenda and playing dirty just as much as they do.  For a bunch of peace and love and "no hate" bunch of people, they're also full of BS.  I've seen some of the ugliest comments and name calling from these people who are TOTALLY opposed to being mean and name calling.  But what I'm writing here isn't anything that everyone doesn't already know and I'm also getting carried away.  My point is, a conservative artist isn't common and I found one and that makes me happy.  Now do I have plans to conquer the world of political street art?  No.  I'm just glad there's someone out there who does.  Political art I can enjoy.

Now. All of this being said, don't get me started on Las Vegas. I'm also into one of those "crazy theories" that I've seen several liberals warn their liberal friends about in comments.  Excuse me if I have a mind of my own and question if what the television feeds me doesn't add up.

I don't have a picture for today.  I did watch this video from the link I mentioned above and I'll share it.  It's good and annoying.  He calls out some British liberal artist on our Second Amendment. 

Now I'm off to start my day before I get carried away and need a Coke before 7:00am.  I already feel like this post is all over the place.

I searched recipes on

Pinterest and found THIS one.  Easy Creme Brulee.  I don't know how easy it is compared to other CB recipes because I've never tried any others.  On a scale of 1-10 though, I guess it was pretty easy.  I can tell you that you'll get hot making it.  Between scalding the cream and pouring the boiling water into the pans, it gets a little warm.  I read that the recipe makes about eight 2 oz ramekins.  I only had six but even the extra, larger dish I pulled out to make up for the missing two ramekins wasn't enough.  I was scrambling for more.

I didn't fill one up as much because it was going to be my tester.  I wanted to test the flavor along with my torching skills (Lauren had given me a few pro tips).

I sent Lauren a text.  "Is it possible to have too much creme brulee?"  Two of those dishes are larger portions, enough for two.

We had dinner and then dessert.  While I already knew I liked it, it'd been sitting longer in the refrigerator at this point.  It was a hit and I'll definitely make it again.

Hopefully I'll have another Pinterest win when I search for something to do with some meat I have that needs to be cooked.  Maybe I won't press my Pinterest luck and just stick to burgers.  I'm sure the dogs will enjoy it too.

i'm off to a great

start.  It's just past 6:00 and I've already unloaded the dishwasher, made breakfast, loaded those dishes, started laundry, made the bed and started a post here.  All this and no sinus pressure.  I think I'll go for a walk today since I missed out yesterday.

I was looking online for a Christmas present for Eric yesterday.  I'm not really understanding Amazon's logic behind their random ad placement, once again.

"Yes, we know you're interested in gun cases but don't forget that somewhere out there, there's a baby that needs to be fed." - Amazon

Speaking of guns and Eric, Cosme and I went to an art market on Saturday.  I saw this print and thought it needed to be framed and hung above the bed in Eric's room.  So I got it.

They put this one in my bag as a bonus.

Don't be scared.
There was also a bakery booth at the market and I thought that it'd be very wrong of me to not sample their goods when there's a wedding coming up.  The more options, the better.  Since I'm picky when it comes to cake, I'm probably the best person for the job.

These cupcakes passed with flying colors.  I looked the bakery up to find out where they are (I10 at Bunker Hill) and I let Cosme know that if he ever felt like he needed to stop for anything on his way home, this place is fairly convenient.  I even announced that I'd like my next birthday cake to come from them.  I know, I know... 1) What about Moellers??? and 2) Why am I thinking about my next birthday cake when I just finished one off a week ago?  Not only do I love being prepared but I'm not against trying a new cake and if it flops, I'll demand a redo from Moellers.

I'm off to continue to TCB.  While cleaning the other day I started watching The Handmaids Tale on Hulu.  It's odd but the jury is still out.  I do have an issue to start off with though.  I remember a while back there was a group of women who showed up at the state Capitol to protest abortion laws and they were dressed as the characters from the book/tv show.  First of all, yes, I get it what they were trying to say (not that I'm for dressing up and protesting).  The show is about women not having any rights.  In the show (and I'm thinking the book too), these women are basically treated like nothing.  There are guards with guns everywhere to make sure they don't escape or talk or look the wrong way, whatever.  Let's take a step back though.  How did it come to this?  I don't really know where the Second Amendment was when this story took place but I'm pretty sure it was long gone.   Now, a better reason for these women to be dressing up as these characters would seem more fitting to stand up for the Second Amendment.  With the women being armed, they would have had less of a chance of this group/organization/government taking over and more of a chance at keeping a free state.  That being said, I understand that they saw it as "let's dress like women without any rights because that's how they're making us feel" but this story (from what I've seen only three episodes in) started with armed guards taking away that free state.  So really, I guess what I'm trying to say is, just leave the costumes at home.  If you want to dress up, save it for Comic Con.  Oh yeah, and if you really don't want to end up like them, stand up for your right to bear arms.  That's what it's for, after all.

Now I'm off to put on a red cloak and white cap and finish cleaning.  I'm joking.  It's way too hot for a cloak today.

the weather must be

changing.  The pressure in my head told me so.

I'm keeping this short and sweet because barking dogs disrupt my thinking... unlike cozy, cuddling dogs.

The dogs do like to cuddle together but today they're in the backyard barking at something.  I think it's another dog.  I'm pretty sure it's another dog.  Since it's in the neighbor's yard, I've either got to get used to the noise or find myself a set of comfortable earplugs.

Maybe I could just let them inside and they can watch Ghost Brothers with Strat.

Oh, I'm not leaving Lucille out.  She's that little speck of fur on the floor in between the two ottomans.

Ahhh, the dogs quit barking.  If my nasal decongestant will hurry and kick in, things will be pretty awesome.  I'm going to go enjoy this while I can.

i've got a lot to do

today.  I for sure need to clean the cat/craft room.  I've been meaning to do that since before Harvey hit.  I just have to tackle it and get it over with.  ugh.  I don't feel like it. 

I'm tired.  I spent a lot of time in the kitchen yesterday.  I had shrimp cleaned and marinating early, then I made taco meat for today, then I prepped the shrimp for the grill, then I made sweeties, then I started dinner... All this involved a couple of loads in the dishwasher and I still need to empty that.  Speaking of grits, I added the usual to our grits last night but also added diced chilis.  We liked it and I'll definitely do it again, if not every time.  I'd planned to make an egg this morning and have that with leftover grits but when the alarm went off, I put jeans on and went to Shipley.  I'm too tired to even fry an egg.

Instead of doing the usual pink sweeties with white icing, I colored them since Halloween is right around the corner.

Purple and green.  They remind me of The Joker.

 I guess one of the other things I need to do today is find my closet.

 I know it's around here somewhere.

I have a bad habit of taking off my shoes and just walking away, even if it's as I finished washing dishes.  Done with the dishes, done with these shoes, I'm just done.  I couldn't find a pair of shoes a couple of days ago because I couldn't remember what I was doing the last time I wore them.  Then I remembered I had been watching tv.  There they were, in front of the couch.  And just an update, right now that pair of blue flip flops is at the island, where I was standing when I finished eating my breakfast.  Done with breakfast, done with shoes, walk away.

I've really got to get busy.  The sun will be up before I know it and then I'll feel like the whole day is slipping away.

1, 2, 3, GO.

i made another trip to

Lake Jackson yesterday.  That trip was another stop at HEB to get some bags for Lauren and then I had to pick up a couple of ink pads from Hobby Lobby.  While in Hobby Lobby, I checked out the Christmas ornaments.  New year means new ornaments for everyone.  They have so many it's almost too much to pick from.  Then I started wondering which ones we already have.  It'd be nice if they'd retire the designs so I don't have the option to duplicate.  I don't even know how many cameras, airplanes and video game controllers we already have.  So yesterday I was looking everything over.  I didn't buy any but saw some cute ones.

With all the drama in the neighborhood lately, I thought about this one.

A few months ago I would've considered this one.  I guess I could still get it, to represent my 8%.

I liked this one because I've never been one to turn down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I don't ever remember turning down bacon either.

I guess I'll wait closer to Christmas, maybe after I've decorated the tree so I can make sure I don't have any repeat ornaments.  They'll also be nice and picked over by that time so it should make the decision making process so much easier.  I just finished a breakfast taco not too long ago and I really can't look at that bacon ornament right now.

I think it's time for a Coke.  I've already cleaned shrimp for tonight and made taco meat for tomorrow (trying to get all the stinky stuff out in the garbage) but now I need to take care of those two softened sticks of butter so I can make a batch of sweeties.  Oh, that's about 7 dozen.  Maybe I'll drink the Coke and take a break first.  Those sweeties cookies are good but they sure are a lot of work.

Okay.  I need to get busy before I lose all motivation.

i denied having an

issue yesterday.  Remember, the issue about staying home and keeping to myself?  Fine.  I know that the first step is admitting you have a problem.  Or maybe admitting your problem is the step after denial?  Is denial a step?  It seems like denial would be part of the problem and no way part of the solution so the road to a solution requires a step.  Said step would clearly be acknowledging the problem.  Maybe that first step is admitting you have a problem.  If it's not, it should be.  I do know they're both involved when people have problems.  Anyway, something happened yesterday and I won't dare post it here because I would be totally embarrassed and ashamed if word got around.  Right now only two people know what I did, Cosme and Lauren.  I laughed at myself because I was just talking about it here yesterday and a couple of hours later, I proved my point.  I can't post it here, not knowing if this post will ever be seen by (doubt it) or repeated to (highly unlikely but not impossible) a certain someone.  I would go into full blown panic mode if that happened.  I don't like being rude or hurting feelings but I still gotta be me.  So this situation happened in slow motion.  The pieces, clues and realization just clicked together one by one in my head.  Three words: fight or flight.  I don't care if some people know, I just can't post it here.  If you were to ask Cosme or Lauren, they wouldn't think it's a big deal but I do because 1) this totally relates to what I talked about yesterday and 2) I'm nice and they're both... well... not as nice as me.  Not that they aren't nice but have you been around the three of us?  I'd win that contest.  I'm not saying landslide but... yeah, pretty much.

So I went on this outing yesterday.  I went to HEB for a few things and found some really cute shopping bags.  I bought them.

Halloween is coming.

I also picked up some of their praline pecans from the bulk aisle and some apple slices for us to try out.  I guess they're dried apple slices but they have cinnamon on them.  I almost couldn't eat them because of a flashback of a bad headache/nausea episode brought on by cinnamon oil but I powered through it and ate the apple and liked it.

Afterwards I went to Target to find a Fry Daddy.  That was my second store to hit and my second time to not find it.  They don't even have a spot for it on the shelf.  Amazon, here I come.

Yesterday I had the dogs inside, expecting the yard crew.  I looked over because Maggie was starting to bark in her sleep (she always has crazy dreams with twitching, moving and barking) but Archer was just chilling.  I had to get a picture because of those teeth.

It's a terrible picture because it was dark over there and I had to zoom in but again, those teeth.  Who doesn't love a good picture of a dog resting his face with teeth showing?  Or, who doesn't love a bad quality picture of a dog resting his face with teeth showing?  Maggie eventually woke up and when the yard crew had the blower going outside, she sat and stared at me like I was making her miss out on the best chase ever.  I still didn't let them out.  Oh, I hear the yard looks good.  I haven't gone out to see it.  No, it's not because I'm a hermit and need to stay inside after a day like yesterday.  Or maybe it is and I'm back to denial.

I don't have any pictures

to share today.  Most of the time my pics come from my phone and believe it or not but I haven't even done my photo challenge since... I don't know, sometime last week?  I did it one day thinking I was ready to jump back in after taking a break for a few days but apparently I thought wrong.  I just haven't been feeling it.  It's not that I'm bored with it, I just don't want to do it.  It's not the people because most of the strangers I deal with on Instagram are nicer and more pleasant than some of the real life people I know on Facebook.  Speaking of Facebook, I guess I haven't been on there as much either.  Lauren and I were talking about an outfit for the wedding.  She mentioned that she didn't like her arms to show.  I said that I don't either and I also don't like my legs to show.  I added that most of the time I don't even want my face to show and prefer to just stay tucked away in the house.  I guess now I don't even want my thoughts to show.  Okay, this might be sounding like an actual issue now - and it's not.  And I'm not in denial.

One of the reasons I like to stay home is to keep an eye out on things.  Yesterday I left for the store and noticed there were a few policemen in the neighborhood.  One driving through the neighborhood isn't a problem.  After I saw that one, I noticed two parked on their motorcycles and then another coming through the back entrance.  Something was definitely up.  I found out a little later that a man broke into a house in the back of the neighborhood.  The woman was home and in her bedroom feeding her 5-week-old baby.  She heard a noise and then saw the man and his car in her driveway.  She then heard glass shatter.  The man broke her backdoor with one of her landscaping rocks.  She ran out the door with her baby and keys and started to back out but his car was blocking her in.  He banged on her car window and she ended up hitting his car in the process of getting away.  I don't want to sound trigger happy or that I just want to shoot someone (even if I did, I wouldn't admit it online in a public blog) but I sure wish she would have shot him.  I have no idea if this family owns guns or not.  I don't know them.  I do know that I love a story with a happy ending where the good guy shoots the bad guy.  Maybe that's the beginning of a different issue but when I hear a story about a good guy getting the bad guy, it honestly puts a smile on my face.  I wouldn't say it makes my heart happy (at least not online in a public blog), but the warm and tinglies are definitely there.  I should also add that it's times like this that I appreciate a barking dog. 

Now, what's for breakfast?  Maybe some food will inspire me to get back to that photo challenge.  I doubt it but maybe.  I guess this trigger happy hermit will go find out.

our church bazaar

is coming up and I ordered a print to donate to the silent auction.  It's coming from a company I've never ordered from before and it's something different for me.  The image will be on slats.  Here's the example of it from the website.

I sure hope it turns out okay.  The bazaar is the 8th and my print is expected to be delivered on the 4th.  If it gets here in time, then I'll just worry about whether or not anybody wants it.  I know there are a lot of Aggies and I really don't see them wanting this print, unless they just have a thing for cows.  I guess they could remove the top slat and have it fit into that whole "saw 'em off" thing.

That's about all I've got going on.  I spent a lot of time with a sore back over the weekend while trying to get envelopes addressed.  Today I'm hoping the roofing guy that I thought said he'd come Saturday shows up.  If not, no biggie.  I've got another guy's number.  I also have the yard and flower beds being taken care of today or tomorrow.  Not that I sit out in the yard all the time but I sure do like a cleaned up yard, especially when the flower beds are done.  I have a leftover chicken in the fridge that needs to be turned into chicken salad so the carcass can go out in today's trash.  I could go on but I'm sure everything I've mentioned so far has everyone on the edge of their seats.  I know I am...  I even thought about making some bread today.  Oh, a cliffhanger!  Will she or won't she?  Stay tuned and find out tomorrow.  One thing is for sure in the cards and is already happening.  The dogs have some kind of critter trapped in the tree.  While they are in the process of losing their crap over it, I'm about to lose my crap over all the barking.  Time for some music while I start cleaning.  Oh, bet nobody saw that one coming.

something happened last

night and without going overboard with the TMI, I'll just say I had an upset stomach.  I baked a chicken and macaroni and cheese for dinner.  After dinner a had a small slice of cake.  A little later I started having stomach issues.  I'm hoping it doesn't have anything to do with the cake and thinking maybe it was just time for my stomach to have one of its spells (which it does every once in a while).  Just to try to rule out the cake, I'm having some for breakfast.  If my stomach freaks out again, I'll cry.  If it doesn't freak out, I'll celebrate with more cake.

Speaking of trying to take care of myself, after the last sinus stuff I had that totally wore me down and left me without any energy, I started taking vitamins.  My problem with vitamins is, other than not being consistent with them, I can't swallow a bunch of pills.  I can do three max.  I'm not talking about at a time, I just have an issue after so many pills.  If not by the third one, I'm definitely gagging the fourth one up.  So, when I went to find a vitamin to help me with my energy, I found B12 candy gummies.  Now gummies, I can definitely do that. 

 These vitamins are delicious and I wouldn't mind taking more than two a day (when I remember to take them).  Last week I read about Omega something-or-other.  I know the article said to make sure to get plenty of fish in your diet and since I hate fish, I don't get any.  I think maybe it was skin related?  Whatever, I stopped and checked out the different varieties and then I saw them.  Gummies.

So I bought some.

They're not as good as the B12.  I surely don't want more than the daily two.  Yuck.

Then I thought about it.  If the Omega something-or-other helps make up for fish in your diet, what exactly can be in these not delicious candies gummies?

Oh.  That totally makes sense.  I see now how they can be good for you but disgusting as well.  They don't taste like a filet-o-fish or anything but they're not near as good as candy.  That's what I was looking for, candy vitamins.  Looks like I'll either buy a pill or not worry about taking them.

In more delicious news, it's been a few minutes since I've had the cake and my stomach seems to be doing fine (knock on wood).  Time to celebrate!  Cake, anyone?

yesterday was my birthday

and we did things my way.  We had cake

and then we had dinner. 

This morning I started off my first full day of 45 with Icy Hot because I slept wrong.  On the bright side, I also started off my day with cake.

I took it easy yesterday morning.  After Cosme left for work I made myself breakfast and sat in bed and ate while catching up on dvr.  I had put a clapper on the lamp on his nightstand a while back because it made it easier.  (Although, it doesn't scare him near as much when he's sleeping and I tap him to turn off his lamp versus when he's sleeping and I do two loud claps.)  Anyway, I was sitting there watching tv and his lamp clicked off.  A few minutes later I pressed pause on the tv and was playing Gin Rummy on my iPad.  The lamp clicked on.  A little later it clicked off.  A little later it clicked on.  I asked if someone was trying to tell me Happy Birthday.  A few minutes later it clicked off for the last time.  I took that as a yes.

I saw this book the other day and took a picture of it, thinking I'd research it and see if it's something Eric needs.  I'm sure he doesn't want any recipes but is it like an etiquette AND cooking guide for guys?  I'll research.  (Research would also include finding a cheaper copy.)

UPDATE: I just researched it.  While Amazon does have it listed for $21 (but not with Prime), it's probably not something he needs.

I also saw this at the same store.  I guess it just goes on a shelf?  It's some kind of decor.

This is it from a different angle.

I didn't bother looking at the tag for the price.  I knew I wouldn't buy it.  I looked at the tag to make sure I read the description right.

Yes.  It is, in fact, "Rings on Wood".  There you go.  Without bothering to flip the tag over for a price check, I'm sure it wasn't cheap.  First of all, it's Rings on Wood in a department store.  Second, this store wants $32 for a book on a southern gentleman's kitchen.  No thanks, I'll pass.  I'm sure it would make a great space filler on a bookcase somewhere but I just don't need it.  Now had it been Squares on Wood... I would've had a hard time walking away. 

I need to sign off now so I can get the garbage out, right after I read up on when my next dose of Icy Hot can be applied.