remember a few months

back I was talking about a project I had in mind?  I did the cattle pics and thought that might be the beginning.  Well, I haven't done much else because let's face it, there has been a ton of other things going on.  Here's the deal though.  This project will be an ongoing thing.  There is no deadline or any set number of pictures per however long.  There's nothing like that but I do have my idea set.  Where do I live?  Texas.  What do I like?  Texas.  What's the topic of my project?  Texas.  More specifically, Scenes from Texas.

I'm going to post my first entry for Scenes from Texas. 

(Insert drum roll)

Scenes from a Barn Dance

Waxahachie, Texas

I just posted it up on my photo site so I guess that makes it official.

Now I just need to get out and about more... in Texas, of course.

i'm not really on a

diet because I have no rules.  I guess I'm just being more selective with what I eat.  I'll still have a donut if I end up at Shipley but I might not have a Coke to go with it.  Bad example because I'm only drinking one Coke a day (unless more is necessary) and I'm not about to have it at the crack of dawn.  I'll have that donut and not eat part of a kolache too.  That's more accurate.  As for that daily Coke, if I've already had it and we go out, I won't pass on Crown and Coke because I've already met my Coke quota for the day.  I'm just being selective and practical.  I ate breakfast this morning and never snacked on anything until lunch, not even that blueberry loaf that I'm about to have a slice of now.  See?  That's what I mean.  I'm just being a little more mindful.  That's the Melanie Diet: eat what you want but don't go crazy (unless you're in the mood to).  I even stuck with my plan when I was at Kroger earlier.

Normally I would buy Twinkie ice cream.  Who wouldn't?  Today I passed.

I don't like beer but I was shopping before lunch so hot dog and chips sounded good.  I passed.

I even passed on Chicken & Waffles Lays.

They had two different kinds of Girl Scout cereal.  Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch.

I totally caved and got the box of Caramel Crunch.  I've even sampled a couple of handfuls and it's good.  I'll probably just eat it by itself and not in a bowl with milk.  But here's the thing, I'm not following it with a Twinkie ice cream cone.  Selective and mindful.

There you have it.  The Melanie Diet.  Wait.  Maybe I shouldn't call it The Melanie Diet.  Not that it's a bad name, but The Melanie Diet would require you to do it for a few days and quit.  We'll see.  If I stick with it, I'll change the name.

'tis the season for

blueberries.  I tried a new recipe yesterday for a blueberry muffin bread.  It is exactly what it sounds like, a blueberry muffin baked as a loaf instead of muffins.  I found the recipe here thanks to Pinterest.  It was easy and I couldn't stop myself from sprinkling some turbinado sugar on top before sticking it in the oven.

I gave it a little time to cool off before putting a little butter on to sample it.  I was not disappointed.  Sometimes I like butter on my blueberry muffins and sometimes I like margarine but this morning I opted for the third thing I like on my blueberry muffin.  The busted yolk from a fried egg.  That was breakfast.

I also don't think I ever shared another thing I tried.  I'm pretty sure I didn't share because it was last week and my pictures were having issues.  I think I had it typed and ready to share but that's as far as it got.  Anyway, when Eric moved out I started Pinterest boards for "food for 2".  For example, take this loaf of blueberry muffin bread.  There's a lot of it.  I've started having to freeze things before they get old.  That itself is getting old and filling up my freezer.  So, back to last week.  I found a recipe for Fudge Brownie Pots for Two.  I topped each with a little scoop of ice cream.

I also wasn't disappointed with that.  I also couldn't finish it... in one sitting.  I went back later and ate the rest.  I'll definitely make those again.

I've got to stick to the smaller portioned desserts for two because now I'm a little scared to go for a walk.  I decided to do something different yesterday and went across the highway to a park with a walking trail.  Cosme and I go there sometimes and I figured it was a pretty day so why not.  The park is between a nursing home, an elementary school and the softball fields.  The park has a couple of pavilions with picnic tables and several areas of playground equipment.  I pulled up and noticed ladies in scrubs under one pavilion, clearly on their break from the nursing home.  There were a few ladies out walking so I felt safe.  I started my walk with my music going.  I started thinking about why I stick to the right side of the trail.  Most people go the same direction but I guess it makes sense to stick to the right in case that one person walks the opposite direction.  But then I thought that maybe they could move out of my way and I could walk on the left if I wanted, it's not like we're driving.  Then I thought about the few people who choose to run.  Kind of like the highway, I guess it makes sense for the slower traffic to keep right.  So, I came out of the curve and decided I'd just stick to the right and that's when I almost stepped on the biggest water moccasin I've ever seen, coming from the grass and brush to the right.  Granted, it's the only water moccasin I've ever seen but still.  This guy was huge.  After I jumped and waved my arms, but while my heart was still racing, I had to stop and stare, just to check him out.  He was so big.  I wondered if he'd just eaten or something.  After I got the picture to share on fb (of course), I started walking again.  I completed one lap and decided I'd keep going.  I made it back around to the snake area and he was gone.  I panicked and started running.  Fear and craziness took over and I imagined him jumping out at me and chasing me.  I ran.  On a trail.  For about 20 seconds I looked all athletic and motivated and junk, like those people who go to a trail to run.  So for about 20 seconds I didn't feel like a wimp.  Let's go ahead and make it a solid 60 if you want to count the time I was hanging around to check out the snake.  I mean seriously, that's not something wimps do.  So I made it back to my car and noticed a lady just got there with her little boy.  They were eating lunch at a table and I was sure he was going to play on the equipment after that.  I walked over to show her the picture and pointed to where I'd last seen the snake (which was on the path near that pavilion) and which direction he was headed (toward the playground we were near) and she grabbed their food and the boy and left faster than I did.  I can't say much though.  I was only about 10 steps behind her.  I wasn't sure what kind it was but kind of thought it was a water moccasin.  I don't know much about snakes but I know water moccasins are black and I know pointed heads are not good.  I've also heard water moccasins stink and there was definitely a stink in the area but I wondered if it had something to do with the standing water from the previous day's rain.  It doesn't matter now.  I'm home, he's gone and I'm not going back to the park alone.

Looks like I'll have to walk off all this blueberry muffin bread in the neighborhood... you know, where there are still snakes and lakes versus standing rain water.  I give up.  Maybe I'll just stay home and bake.

i saw a commercial for

something I thought I needed.  Do you ever just want some peanut butter?  Do you ever just have a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter?  Well, it might not be my brand of choice but there's an easy fix now by Skippy. It's a little container of balls of peanut butter.  No spoon necessary.

I've had quite a few.

Speaking of things people want, this car was at Milo's the other night.  Lauren and Eric both wanted to take it home.

It reminded me of the Bat Mobile.  Or is it Batmobile?  Two words doesn't seem right but then again, neither does one.  Clearly, I'm not a Batman fan.  I'm pretty sure that's one word.  It really doesn't matter because Superman is better.

Talking about these things people want, I'll mention a few things people don't want.  Allergies, I've already had some Zyrtec D.  Chores, I need to make the bed and start more laundry because I have other things that need to be done and I can't start without doing those two things.  Backaches, sitting in this chair is giving me one.  I think I'll head out now.

i seriously tried to post

last week.  Honestly.  For some reason I couldn't get my pictures to send.  I still don't know why.  Regardless of what didn't happen last week, I'm here today and that's what counts.  We're getting quite a bit of rain today... again.  Last week's rain was a little more severe so I hauled my plants into the garage since high winds were expected.  Today's a different story.  I pushed my pots up against the wall and left them out there.  Look at all my not-so-hard work getting watered.

There's the rosemary from however long ago I planted it and I put thyme right behind it.  The chives are in the front urn-looking pot and then there's the basil on the left.  Once that gets going I could use it on days like today when I'm having lasagna for breakfast.  Actually, I don't put basil on my lasagna but Cosme does.  You know what's good?  Put basil in a little food chopper and get it nice and mutilated then add softened butter to that and mix the mess out of it.  Take that and spread it over warm sourdough bread.  Yum.  That's what I need basil for. 

I would say a little more but I've got to go clean, unpack and do laundry after the weekend's barn dance and trip to Milo's.  Let's hope the rain doesn't steer me back to the tv and a blanket on the couch.  Man, that sounds awesome.

this weekend we

really fell off the wagon.  We ate out... quite a bit.  We didn't pick up food for EVERY meal but it's almost like that became our goal.  If there was a wagon for being consistent with blog posts, I've fallen off that one too.  For any other wagons I've got going, I'm probably pretty close to falling off those as well.  There's no particular reason for falling off all these wagons, I've just been distracted.

I've been trying to go for more walks.  I planted more herbs the other day to go along with all the rosemary.  I've still been clearing out and throwing things away.  It's just been like that around here.  Speaking of all those herbs, I guess I should probably water them since it's been a few days.  I also need to go to the grocery store.  I need to start some chicken breasts cooking so I can have a chicken salad sandwich for lunch.  I also need to pick up a few ingredients for lasagna.

I do have a situation though.  I've got blueberries that need to be made or frozen.  Nothing sounds good.  I guess I solved that problem.  I'll just freeze them.  I also want to make some bread.  I also wanted to get some dough started for cream cheese coffee cakes.  Yes.  I definitely want to do that today.  Maybe I'll just buy French bread at the store.  That'll save me a few steps.  I like how easily I can work through these problems on here.

I'm planning so much to do in the house and kitchen that I totally just filled my schedule and didn't leave any time for a walk.  Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.  Wait, it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  I'll do it Wednesday and not worry about today or tomorrow.  I'm totally rocking the problem solving today.

Speaking of morning walks, I found this on one last week.  I guess someone got tired of it, I don't know.  I took a picture of it and looked it up when I got home because The Dixie Dude Ranch sounded interesting.

Now I want to go to this dude ranch.  I remember watching an episode of Happy Days where they went to a dude ranch and I was always curious.  Now I've found one and I'd really like to go.  How hard do you think it'll be to convince Cosme into us taking a weekend trip to Bandera?  Yeah, I'm not holding my breath.  I think the chances of me not falling off one of my wagons again is more likely to happen than Cosme taking me to a dude ranch.  For now, I'll just watch that episode of Happy Days.
Ayyyyyeeeee. (or however you'd spell what Fonzie says)

yesterday was not

the best day.  I had a headache until about 1:00.  It started off feeling like a sinus headache but I didn't have any Zyrtec D.  I finally made it to Kroger to get more and took one around 10:30 with a Coke.  No good.  I think I waited too long and was to the point where light and sound hurt.  I came home and ate lunch to see if that would help.  No good.  I took a couple ibuprofen and went to lie down on the couch.  No good.  I decided it actually felt better when I was standing.  I set up the ironing board and ironed while catching up on dvr, even though it involved light and sound.  By the time my ironing was done, the headache was gone.  Today I will take Zyrtec before sneezing starts and before I feel any sinus pressure.  If another headache comes along, I guess I'll have to take an ibruprofen and find something to iron while watching tv.  I know for a fact I'm off to a better start.  I took advantage of the potato leftover from last night.

How can you go wrong with potato cut up and fried in bacon grease.  You can't.

Backing up a bit and speaking of tv, there are a few new shows I'm watching.

First, Taboo.  I think I mentioned it before I was into it but it's on FX and it's good.  I fell asleep during the first episode (because it was late and I was tired) and had to rewatch but it's good.  I think it's about 5 episodes in.  I've had to hide my eyes a few times from gore but that's fine.

Another one that's about 5 episodes in is Victoria and it's on PBS.  I never thought I'd watch and enjoy as many Masterpiece Theater shows as I do.  Well, now they've dropped the Theater and it's just Masterpiece.

One more is This Is Us on NBC.  I watched it on my iPad because it was late and I wanted a show to watch.  A lot of people had been talking about this one so I watched.  I liked it.  It's different.  It's DEFINITELY not for everyone.  There's no way I'd think about watching it with Cosme in the room.  It's a weekday NBC drama that's more of a chick show... in my opinion.  It's not like a soap opera but there's way too many feelings going on.  I don't know if it's the actual show I like or the way it's set up.

An older show I'm getting into is Doctor Who.  I don't mean the version from way back, I mean the reboot that started in 2005.  I've got a way to go.  I'm on episode 5.

For now though, I'm going to focus on not having a headache and all the things I've accomplished so far.  I've unloaded the dishes from last night's dinner and started to reload.  I've already started laundry and am about to make the bed... after taking some Zyrtec.  After that I'll stay busy until about 7:30-8.  I'm planning go for a walk this morning but I like to wait for all the traffic to die down... cuts down on the chances of me having to interact with people.

i have to quit

watching all those cleaning and organization videos.  I mean I like them and they are motivating but a lot of them seem to focus on going to Dollar Tree and finding ways to organize things.  Guess where I've gone several times lately... Dollar Tree.

And they all call it THE Dollar Tree in a lot of the videos.  If you don't know what Dollar Tree is, it's a store where everything is $1.00.  I think it's a good place to buy squeaky dog toys (instead of buying a $5 toy that'll be garbage in a few hours), dog bags for when you go for a walk, little things like that and of course, plastic bins.  Oh my gosh.  I went the other day but I was prepared.  I measured every place I thought could use a bin and went.

I came home with a few more things.

Some of these worked and a couple really didn't.  I think I need to take a break though.  It was bad enough when I started with the videos but now I'm scared they're going to have me obsessing and hoarding storage containers.  I think I'll lay off Dollar Tree for a while.  One person did have a good idea to go to the section with car stuff and get a big ShamWow type of rag made for car stuff and just cut it down for cleaning.  I didn't do it but it's a good idea.  For now though, no more containers and no more Dollar Tree*.

*unless I see something on a video that's brilliant and I NEED to try

i got a little

sidetracked there.  Don't ask me when the last time I signed on was because I really don't know.

Remember when I made not eating out a goal?  It's still hard.  We have given in a few more times but for the most part, we're doing pretty good... I say after having spaghetti three days in a row.  I guess that's better than "pretty good".  It's just a lot of work making it all, cleaning up after it all and then thinking of what will be cooked next.  One thing that I didn't take too long to think about over the weekend was cinnamon rolls.  I woke up Saturday and decided to make a batch.  FYI, a batch makes a lot.  I had three small pans and one large pan.  We've already finished off one small pan, I gave Eric a small pan, I cut into the last small pan today and I'm eyeballing this large pan... not to eat but to figure out how I'm going to divide it up into freezer portions. 

I have so many cinnamon rolls.

One day last week I decided to grill and picked up a couple of rib eyes.  I love how the dogs are on their best behavior when I grill.  I didn't have an extra steak for them but I bought bone-in so they were definitely getting something.  I can't help it though, I have to reward them for being good during the whole grilling process.

Maggie waits patiently while Archer sniffs around hoping scraps will fall off the grill.
I had fried shrimp leftover in the refrigerator and decided to give them that.  I threw a few on the grill to warm them up a little.  Well, that and make them think they were actually getting something from the grill because I'm sure the dogs are smart like that and know it just came of the grill and wasn't fried days earlier...  That made them happy but not NEAR as happy as that bone did about 30 minutes later.  Maybe I'll buy some more to grill this week.

We'll see.  For now I'll worry about getting cinnamon rolls into the freezer and what I'm going to do with the chicken I just took out.  Ideas, anyone?

last week cosme brought

a cold home from work.  I did my best to keep it contained and under control.  I washed the sheets a couple of times, I washed the bedspread and shams, I washed the throws in the living room, I regularly sprayed everything with Lysol... you know the drill.  I just had some funk a couple of months ago and I REALLY don't want that again but last night I started getting sniffly.  I took a Benadryl and that was that.  I don't know if it's the weather and allergies or if it's the cold or whatever he brought home.  My symptoms are sneezing, itchy runny nose and drainage.  I'm doing everything I can to keep it at that but really, I'm hoping it's just allergies.  There's been a lot of ups and downs with weather so I'm really, REALLY hoping that's all it is.

What makes it all worse is I'm planning to have Eric's birthday lunch on Sunday.  If this gets out of hand I'll have to cancel so nobody else gets it.  As much work as baking a strawberry cake, key lime pie and frying shrimp is, I'd rather do all that than have the sniffles.  Cross your fingers, say a prayer, send good vibes, you know the drill. 

Must get more Kleenex.  Speaking of having to keep my kleenex at my side, in the middle of all my decluttering I fixed an annoying problem.  First off all, Dollar Tree has tons of little storage bins.  (If you watched enough YouTube videos on decluttering, you'd know that.)  So I picked up a few bins but they didn't fit what I needed them for.  No worries though, I found a home for them.  They are the right height for sliding under the bed so that's where all my devices are when not in use (and their cords follow).  Forget having to store my iPad on the nightstand... it's in the basket under the bed.  My bulky headphones that I love don't have to hang on the drawer knob for convenience anymore... in the basket under the bed.  Charger wires don't have to hang out in the open now... in the basket under the bed.  So now I only have one cord and it goes to the basket under the bed.  Unless, like you see here, my iPhone (that will go from 100% to dead in no time) is about to get used.  It'll look even better once I get around to putting the bed skirt on.

I'm making progress, y'all.  Now let's hope the Benadryl can say the same thing.

so i made that

almond pound cake, the one from Pinterest that I found here.

I like it.

I like it a lot.

I went ahead and did it in the bundt pan instead of the two loaves.  I'm hoping I baked it long enough.  I did it for the full hour and 45 minutes and the toothpick inserted came out clean but there are spots in it.  Maybe it's spots where cream cheese or egg wasn't blended thoroughly.  I don't know but we're eating it anyway.  Besides, it didn't hurt me when I licked the batter from the bowl.  It's not dry like a lot of pound cakes I've had.  Maybe it's because I didn't overcook it.  Maybe it's because it's just a good cake. This one is good alone but I'm sure it would be just as good with cream and berries.  It would've been nice to have when I had those strawberries leftover from the that "healthy" drink I made the other day.

Now I have to sit here and try not to eat it every time I pass by.  It's raining and got a little chilly over night.  All I want to do is sit around and enjoy being inside and eat cake.  That would be nice but I'll probably keep working on my decluttering.  Actually, I had no plans of doing any decluttering today but as soon as I say I won't, I'll walk by something, think it needs to be thrown out and before I know it, I'll have another bag ready to donate.  I won't make any promises.  I especially won't promise to not have another bite of that cake.

we were so close to

picking up La Casona last night.  SO CLOSE.  I told Cosme we should compromise and have Taco Bell.  Instead though, we went into the kitchen and made our own fajitas and rice.  Of course we already had beans leftover from the weekend.

That was close.  We almost caved and that wouldn't have been good.  All this cooking is a lot of work and it's also an easy habit to get out of.  Look at me, taking on these 2017 goals like a champ... until I get totally worn down.  I don't understand how they did it way back.  Making all those meals without the luxuries we have today... dishwashers, microwaves, fast food.  And what about back even further... refrigerators, running water, electricity.  Wow, that makes me seem a little less worn out.

I hadn't planned on it but yesterday I ended up doing a little bit more decluttering.  I went into the closet to clear out some old shoes.  I came across these two.

These flip flops and ballet flats we my favorites at one point.  I wore them all the time... until I lost one of each.  Something happened to each of their right companions.  I've been hanging onto them, knowing that once I throw them out, the other will show up.  Part of me thinks the match to the ballet flat was left behind in a hotel in maybe Waxahachie or New Orleans, maybe.  As for the flip flop?  That thing could be anywhere.  I still just can't throw them away.  Maybe I should.  It's been a few years and all they're doing is taking up space.  Once they're gone and the matches show up, I can easily throw those out, knowing the left companion is long gone.  Or maybe I should wait a little bit longer?  I mean seriously, it's only two shoes and they could both easily squeeze into a corner somewhere.  I don't know.  I need to think about it a little more.

I have butter and cream cheese softened for an almond pound cake recipe I found.

Three sticks of butter, a block of cream cheese and almond flavoring... I don't want to jinx it but how could it NOT be good?  I will report back with the verdict.  The recipe says it can be made in two loaf pans and I think I might do that since in the next few days I'll also be making a key lime pie and strawberry cake for Eric's birthday.  I have a feeling some pound cake might end up in the freezer.  Oh yeah, Eric's also requested fried shrimp.  I'm already looking forward to a nap Sunday afternoon. 

Now I'm off to decide the fate of the partnerless favorite shoes.  While I do that, I'll remember something I read:  It's not that you're unorganized, you just have too much stuff.

Fine.  Garbage, it is.  All decisions should be that simple.

I'm proud of myself

for getting something done I'd been wanting to do.  I have purses that have been taking up space that really just needed to get out of here.  The bad thing about getting rid of purses is that you have to go through them and clean them out, mainly to make sure that you don't have old bank receipts, drivers licenses, pay check stubs, insurance cards, or anything like that.  I had all of that and then some.  And yes, I quit working for the county in 2005 and that was the last pay stub I received.  Like I said, I have purses that need to get out of here because I clearly haven't used them in 10+ years.

Not only did I fill a bag with purses to donate but I also emptied out a few baskets that have been taking up space.  So I had a bag of purses, a stack of baskets and a bag of garbage/shredded stuff.  I was pretty happy with myself.

Here's a sample of other goodies I came across in my purses.

- Eric's baby pictures.  That's understandable.  I think one of them came from my desk... when I used to work for the county clerk's office... that I quit in 2003.
- One of my high school graduation pictures.  Vanity, no doubt.
- Matches from Grand Casino.  I went there long before I quit the county clerk's office.
- Tickets to one of the Twilight movies.  That was the last outing I took Dodo on.  ps- don't take your grandmother with Alzheimer's to a movie that you actually want to watch unless you plan on slightly nudging her with your elbow... constantly.
- Tickets to see The Cure.  One of my favorite bands the last time I saw them.  I think hanging on to those is okay.
- A camera thing?
- A stun gun.  Enough said.
- My Specs key card.
- An old key chain with older keys on it that I don't know what they go to.

This key chain is something that's been around a while.  I think it came from my grandparents' house but I never really paid attention to it until now.  Look at this.

It's a guideline to weight and drinks and whether or not you should drive.  If you weigh 100 pounds and have 8 drinks, you are for sure in the red.  I do like the fine print.  NO GUARANTEES!  "Yes your Honor, I plead not guilty.  According to my key chain, I was totally fine to drive.  I'd like to enter Exhibit A, my key chain."  Case dismissed.

When I got around to taking that bag of garbage out.  Archer was there to watch in his favorite lookout spot.

I don't know if I'll get as much done today.  I don't want to say I'm a little burned out from yesterday but maybe I am just a smidgen.  Plus, Cosme is in bed on Nyquil and I have stuff to do in the kitchen.  I know people alternate arm and leg days, or something like that, but since I don't workout, I'll alternate kitchen and decluttering days.  It's all about balance... or my mood... whichever.

i decided on hamburgers

for lunch on Saturday but we were only lacking one thing.  Buns.  I found a recipe for 40 minute burger buns on Pinterest here

While the flavor was fine and they looked good (even though I flattened them which wasn't what the recipe said to do) they were dense.  Maybe I shouldn't have flattened them but then they would've just been more like rolls and less like buns.  I don't know.  I do know one thing, they're heavier than a package of Kroger buns.

It didn't matter at that point because it was what we had and we ate them.
See how good they looked?

Once I had the buns baked, the kitchen bug hit.

I washed dishes and baked cookies.

Then I washed more dishes and started thinking about Sunday morning's breakfast.  I started a pot of beans boiling so we could have refried beans with the migas I'd already planned on asking Cosme to make.

Speaking of those migas.  Here's the egg carton after he cooked.

Here's the egg carton after I made it right.

I might or might not have a mild OCD problem.  I'm hoping to put that problem to use and get the closet cleaned out.  I'm serious.  I know I talk a good game sometimes but I've been looking at a bunch of decluttering things on Pinterest.  I have too much stuff.  It's time to throw out so my closet can look as nice as properly placed eggs. 

Come on OCD, don't fail me now.

i'd have to say my

favorite fruit is an orange.  I like apples, especially in a pie.  I love blueberries, especially in muffins.  I have to be in a special mood for a banana but I can put away some banana bread.  And while I could sit and eat the mess out of strawberries, I could probably eat more oranges.  I don't like orange in anything other than juice.  Don't add it to cakes or breads or even ice cream.  I don't want it.  I want an orange.  Plain and simple.

I tried planting a clementine tree once.  Maggie liked it better as a chew toy.  My neighbors planted lots of orange trees once.  They're flourishing and I'm totally jealous.

So close yet so far away

If this one would grow a little wider and hang over the fence, I'd be out there at night snatching them off the tree.  You don't understand how jealous I am.  I'd have oranges every single day if this tree were in my backyard.  Forget about the other three or four they have back there.  I'd settle for just this one.  Ugh.  I'm so jealous but, there are two reasons I can't have trees like that.

Reason 1

Reason 2

What was the start of a flourishing clementine tree is now just a storage spot for treasures.

Right now it's only leaves but it's had some awesome finds, like tennis balls, sticks, bits of plastic and all sorts of goodies.  Who needs delicious oranges when you can have a hole to hide things?

You know what I can grow though?  Rosemary.  It might not be one of my favorites but I have plenty.  I think I'll find a bread recipe and pretend like it's my favorite herb.  Maybe the neighbors would trade some rosemary for a bucket of oranges.  Maybe if I were more outgoing I'd ask.  Maybe, while I'm out getting that strawberry milkshake from Whataburger, I'll run by Kroger and pick up some oranges.

i went on a

Capture Crawl in November but an hour and a half afterwards, I got busy and I don't think I ever shared any of the images here.  It was downtown at Via Colori.  It's a festival to raise money but what they do is close off a few blocks downtown with squares taped off to serve as different canvases.  People use their chalk pastels and go to town with their street art.  This totally looks like something I would've been a participant in way back.


I thought about this Capture Crawl because I just got notice for the one happening this month.  I hope I can make it.  If so, I'll tell you all about it in a few months.

there are some days

where I wake up with tons of energy and really get stuff done, days like yesterday.  Then there are days like today.  Yesterday started off with laundry, dishes, cleaning...  Today started off with, well, not much.  I feel like I need a Coke.  I probably do.  After going out Saturday night, I probably drank five Cokes on Sunday.  Yesterday I was back down to one.  Last night though, I wanted something sweet and drinkable.  I pulled out the new blender I got for Christmas and the bag of frozen strawberries and thought I'd make some adjustments to a strawberry/kiwi/mango thing I made the other day.  This wasn't anything like that.  I did substitute my whole milk for vanilla almond milk.  I'll be totally honest here.  I really like milk but sometimes it doesn't like me.  I was feeling that after the fruity ice cream/smoothie thing I made the other day.  I bought the almond milk especially for another fruity mix.  So I had my frozen fruit of choice, strawberry, and a milk-like product.  Oh, I also added a few fresh strawberries. 

What I created wasn't like the first batch.  This was more like juice.  It was like strawberry juice.  It wasn't horrible but it wasn't something like the milkshake I had in mind.

I had Cosme try it.  He wrinkled his nose a little and replied.  "It tastes healthy."  Enough said.

I poured it out and now it's back to the drawing board.  Maybe next time I should add pineapple juice?  More frozen strawberries?  Ice cream?  Real milk?  Maybe it'd be easier and cheaper if I just went to Whataburger and ordered a strawberry shake.  Probably.

Now I have the rest of the fresh strawberries that need to be used before they go bad.  I guess I'll use the drawing board for that.