we have a trip to

Miami coming up so I've been getting ready.  No, I haven't been packing because it's too soon for that but I've been spending a little time out in the backyard getting some sun exposure.  I don't want to show up unprepared and burn so I've got to get a little sun.  Once I get out there and get a little tanning started, I should take much better to what Miami has to offer than if I just jump in after not being out there in a while.

I tried something the other day.  Tanning Accelerator.  The last time I used this stuff was in Puerto Rico, when I expected to be on the beach for an hour MAX, not waiting around for the bar to open and then three strawberry daiquiris later... One word.  PAIN.  After that day, I swore I'd never use the stuff again (but for some reason decided to hang onto it).  The other day I pulled it out.  I figured since I was only going to be out in the backyard for about 30 minutes, I should be good.  I was totally good.  I was actually thinking about buying another bottle of the stuff.  Much to my disappointment, I can't find it.  The company has other products and those might be awesome but one of the things I like about this is the smell.  It's orange and it smells a little like oranges, well, I guess as much as a tanning accelerator can.  So I was reading similar product reviews and one said she missed the original orange product and went on how the new one stinks.  Typical.

So it was just me, my music, my tanning accelerator and the dogs.  Maggie came by every few minutes to make sure I was okay and to lick my face.  Archer came by every few minutes to put his face in mine and see what was going on.

"Yes, Maggie.  I'm fine."

"Yes, Archer.  I know you wish this hat were big enough for two but it's not."

"Yes, Maggie.  I'm still fine but thanks for checking again."

"Like I said, Archer.  It really isn't big enough for two under here."
As much as I'd like to get back out there today, I don't know if I'll be able to.  I have a hair appointment and since I haven't had one since sometime around Thanksgiving, I should probably get that done.  Sure I could go out afterwards but who wants to mess up hair fresh out of a beauty shop?  Maybe I could just tie it up and cover it?  We'll see.  I'll think about it while I'm under the dryer.

i mentioned my idea

of a party/backyard lunch yesterday to use my new serving tray but I never even mentioned my tray.

I've been thinking about getting a rectangular serving tray for a couple of months or so.  I needed something to hold the occasional banana bread or blueberry bread loaf.  I wasn't actively searching but every time I baked a loaf of something, I remembered that I needed a dish to put that something on.  Fast forward to last week.  Madeline's posted serving trays.  I called and had them hold one for me.

It's perfect because as soon as I need new dishes, I'm planning on white this time around.

Mom and I went to the shop and I picked up my tray.  Then I was convinced I needed the deviled egg tray.  I make deviled eggs for almost every gathering and look at this tray.

That should slide into the refrigerator so much easier and take up less space than the round dish.  It also came with the little serving fork.  I ended up buying the deviled egg tray too.

Cindy asked if I'd seen another board they have.

This would be perfect for a cheese ball or log or plain old cheese.  It also comes with a little spreading knife.  I had to buy it too.

That's why I need to have a party.  Maybe I should just have a party to celebrate my new flowers?  I'm not totally against the peanut butter cookie/Chinese food/golf gathering in the backyard but it'd be nice if I wasn't the only one enjoying the new serving trays.

over the last month or

so I've been thinking about a few things.

1.  Peanut butter cookies.  I've been wanting to make peanut butter cookies.  I already bought more peanut butter and even bought M&M's to add to a few for a chocolate kick.

2.  Chinese food.  That's not something I ALWAYS want, unlike Mexican or Italian or chicken fried steak.  I've had Chinese food twice over the last few weeks... which is a lot more than I normally have it.

3.  Golf.  I'm not talking about a tournament.  I'm not even talking about 18 holes.  Top Golf has sounded kind of fun lately and the other day we drove past a driving range and I mentioned to Cosme that it sounded like fun.

Yesterday I looked on Facebook and a memory popped up.  I decided to click to see more memories.

Here they are.

Peanut butter cookies.

Chinese food.


March, the month for peanut butter cookies, Chinese food and golf.  That's what my party with my new serving trays could be!  I could serve peanut butter cookies and sweet and sour chicken on my new trays with wiffle balls for hitting between bites.  That sounds like fun to me but I'm pretty sure I'd be the only person showing up.  Now it's just sounding depressing.  I guess it wouldn't so much be a party as just lunch out in the backyard with a little activity on the side.  Oh well, no matter how much I like to eat or play slacker golf, what I'm getting at is at this same time last year I had the same things on my brain.  Weird.

If you'll excuse me now, I think I'll go round up some wiffle balls.

i decided and i purchased and

I planted.  The flower bed is done, except for some mulch that needs to be added, and it only took three trips to Houston Garden Center, three trips to Pom Pom, two trips to Lowe's and Home Depot, one trip to Well's Nursery and one drive past Angel's in Damon to find them closed.  Now let's hope I spaced it all properly and can keep it all alive.

I had them remove that big purple thing.  I hated it.  It was too big and planted too close to the walkway.  It was to the point of not being able to even be trimmed back because if trimmed too far in, all you saw was sticks and innards.  I removed that little green spiky plant too. 


From left to right: the indian hawthorn I planted a couple of years ago, a salvia, yew, another salvia and another indian hawthorn.  (the hibiscus just to the right of the rocks are cut down but will come back)

And here's a closeup. 

Here's the other end.  I planted an indian hawthorn topiary and snapdragon.

Then I bought smaller snapdragon the next day and added those.  I might be obsessed with snapdragon.

I forgot to water the plants yesterday but I did remember this morning.  There might be hope for the plants, yet.

Maybe today I'll get that mulch and then the bed will be done.  Now it's on to the next project, whatever that may be.

mom and i were going

to get stuff done yesterday but we ended up not doing anything because it eventually got late and we hadn't left yet.  We rescheduled to today and are SUPPOSED to leave early.  We'll see how that goes.  One of us always comes up with an ailment of some sort, usually stomach.  While waiting on Mom yesterday though, I knew we had quite a few things to do so I started TCB pretty early.  Once she suggested we reschedule, I knew I wouldn't get around to any of my stuff today so I tried to get totally caught up by yesterday evening.  I did it.  I was pretty much caught up on everything: laundry (including some things that needed ironing), the kitchen, straightening up...  During my chores, I put the cat carrier on its shelf and saw a sticker on it from Strat's vet visit.

For some reason that made me laugh.

By 5:00 we were picking up Chinese food and by 5:30 I was dozing off.  I woke up a little after 7:30.  I shouldn't have had that nap.  By 2:00, when regular videos and reading hadn't worked, I searched sleep music on YouTube and put my headphones on and passed out.  I need to save that stuff because it really helped.  I didn't think I'd be able to get going this morning and was having second thoughts about this morning's early start with our errands but when the clock went off and once I got up, I was fine.  It actually feels nice when I have unexpected energy.  I guess it's making up for passing out at 5:30 yesterday or maybe it had something to do with that sleep music.  On a side note, in that original group of videos I was watching to try to fall asleep, I found a few that were very informative on developing my own film.  Maybe the ideas and excitement from that was helping to keep me awake.

My hair is washed, laundry is going and I'm taking a break from my to-do list.  TCB.  I did have to get this picture this morning though.  (Yes, I keep my phone in the bathroom with me when I'm home alone in case I need to call 911 for something.)  I turned the water on and was putting a few things away on the counter.  When I turned around, the steam looked pretty cool.

I edited it to black and white just to make seem a little eerie.  I think it worked.

I guess I'll go work on that to-do list.

TCB, people.  TCB.

the flower beds are

cleaned out and ready for a few new things.  Now I just have to decide on those new things.  I think I'm going to go back to Houston Garden Center for a couple of things.  I had just about made up my mind to go with a few things but now I think I've changed it.  Here are some of the plants I saw the other day when I was there.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to get one of these .  I think I'll plant it where an Indian Hawthorne had to be removed.  I also think I'll plant Snapdragons around it.

There's something about this I thought I might want for along the walkway but then it looks so much like what I had them pull out yesterday... that thing I hated.

Then there are these shrimp plants.  I love them.  I love the color.  I love the look.  I just love them.  My only problem is they apparently need a lot of shade and the place I want to plant them is sun.  Lots of sun.  I guess I could find another place for it.  Or I could just keep coming back to look at this picture, that'd be a lot easier and cheaper.  But I just really, really like them.

I just need to hurry and decide for a few reasons.  One of the main reasons is this stuff needs to get in the ground and start growing.  Another reason is because the flower bed looks naked and the HOA has already sent an email reminding everybody that it's the time of year for everyone to start taking care of their yards again.  I wish I knew what to plant.  I don't claim to know anything about plants.  I know I wanted a Foxtail Fern (which for some reason I keep wanting to call a Bobtail) but now I think if I get one of those I'll keep it in a pot.  They say they spread pretty bad.  I don't know.  I just really don't know.  This is so much harder than it sounds.  I guess I'll start by researching the roots of a Yew since the plant I planned on a few days ago might eventually jack up my walkway.  Plants shouldn't be this difficult.  They should just sit there and look pretty.

This talk really makes me appreciate the simple things.  I think I'll start a load of laundry and wash the breakfast dishes.  I know how to do both of those, simple and no research required.

sometimes things just

don't go as planned.

First example.
I ended up buying a pie yesterday.  Not thinking about the pie, I mixed up a lemon pound cake and stuck it in the oven.  Cosme called and said that along with our bbq, he was also bringing peach cobbler home.  We had a lot of dessert and a wide variety: chocolate, lemon and peach.  The night should have been awesome.  We ate and then my stomach had one of its episodes.  That's what I'm calling them.  They're not pleasant... at all.  They hurt.  A couple of hours later, when it's mostly all done, I'm exhausted and just curl up in bed.  I passed out last night before I drank all my nighttime tea with a heating pad on my stomach.  My stomach's a little grumbly this morning but the lemon pound cake I sampled for breakfast was pretty tasty.

Second example.
I got my film back.  It sucked.  It sucked big time.  It was totally camera operator error.  Well, the black and white film all has a line through it but I'm pretty sure that was all on me too.  I'm posting a few that came out ...not really close to what I was expecting but more so than some of the others.  Let's just say they're headed down the right path ...maybe not headed down the right path but it's like they turned in the direction of the right path but still haven't taken any steps.

Black and white, most double exposure.  (By the way, the double exposure is one of the things I was really looking forward to so yeah, there are quite a few.)

Archer.  Double exposure.

Maggie.  Double exposure.



Maggie.  Double exposure.

And then there's the roll of color.  It's mostly all flops but Lauren managed to get a few decent ones.  Here's my take on the Houston skyline from Eric's garage.

Houston skyline at night, not in the middle of an earthquake.

I guess I'll be practicing more.  A LOT more.

not even realizing

that today is National Pi Day, last night Mom, Cosme and I were discussing Stranger Things and Matthew Modine.  That led to who played the bad guy in Twister.  Mom and I KNEW who it was and Cosme asked if we wanted to make a bet.  We both said yes and I said, "Pie".  Of course we were right and Cosme still doesn't know how we even know who that guy is (because he's never seen The Princess Bride).  So even though the bet was for him to go out right then and get us a pie last night, today, for National Pi Day, I'm wondering where I'll take myself and get this pie from.  I got an ad emailed from Kroger but I think Mom wants chocolate and their picture was for apple.  I'll pretty much take anything except pumpkin and coconut... unless that coconut pie is from Sam's in Fairfield but then the last time I had a bite of one of their coconut pies, it was WAY too strong with coconut flavor. 

I had some running around I had to get done yesterday and I really don't like doing that.  When I'm feeling good and chill and in the running around zone, I try to take advantage of it and to do it all just to get it over with while I'm good and chill and in the zone.  One of the stops I've been meaning to make is to Hobby Lobby to have something framed.  While there, I looked around for other things and came across these signs.

You know, for when you're house is so big you don't realize which room you're in or who it belongs to.  I hate it when I end up in Eric's room trying to make a sandwich.  I should probably invest in a Kitchen sign to clear things up from now on.

I also got an email yesterday.  The Darkroom received my film.  Now let's hope it looks okay.

I've got more running around to do today.  I need to go to Pearland and then back to Lake Jackson.  I've also got plenty to do around Angleton.  I guess I need to start giving myself a pep talk to leave the house and TCB.  I'm off to find the zone.

have i mentioned

how excited I am to get my film back?  This sucks.  If I knew of a place to drop it off and have it developed locally I would.  By "locally", I mean I would drive to Houston.  I checked the tracking info this morning since I dropped it off in the box the day before yesterday.  I figured it might be halfway to wherever it's going.  Wrong.  It left the North Houston facility this morning.  This is going to be the longest wait ever. 

I guess I need to either stick to digital (but where's the fun in that?) or learn to do the film on my own.  Now THAT sounds fun.  Might Eric's bathroom might turn into a darkroom eventually?  Guess I'll have to look around for classes to make it happen.

For now, I wait.  And wait.  And wait...

you know how things

can get really crazy and when it's all done you're worn out, almost like crashing after a sugar high?  That was yesterday.  It got busy, really busy.  Here's one brief moment from yesterday.  I was at Lowe's with Mom but I was short on time because I had to be at the house at 1:00 but while I'm looking at flooring with Mom, Cosme is texting me about preparations for a Miami trip and Eric is calling about cat stuff.  That stuff right there overwhelms me.  I had three different conversations going on, all while watching the clock to head home with two separate phone calls to make on that drive.  It was definitely a "two Coke" day.

Earlier that morning I was able to make it to the post office to drop off two rolls of film from my Diana F+.

I can't wait to get them back and see what I ended up with.  Hopefully I'm doing it right and didn't waste time, money, hopes and dreams.

I went to the eye doctor with Eric for his 2:00 appointment and I swear I could have fallen asleep in there.  They don't turn the overhead lights on but just use lamps.  The air was chilly and the music was relaxing.  Thankfully I didn't fall asleep but then again, I didn't really have time to.  Before I knew it, Eric was back and ready to go.  While he was waiting to check out, I went next door to the dogs' vet (my second of three trips) to pick up their flea meds.  They weren't ready so I went back later in the day, after stopping for my second Coke.

Today should be a little calmer.  As I typed that I remembered two things I need to get on ASAP as well as getting the garbage out.  Luckily I remembered to put another Coke in the refrigerator.  Let's hope I don't need it.  (The first is a given, I'm talking about the spare.)

i should be at the

vet's office this morning picking up flea pills for the dogs but instead I'm on the computer because I just got an email that presale tickets for The Cult is 10am.  I'll tell you about yesterday while we wait.

I gave Strat his weekly bath and was done, just totally fed up with his situation.  I called the Cat Vet Clinic a few blocks down from Eric.  I loaded him up for his 2:30 appointment and that was that.  Sure I felt like a traitor when they had to call our regular vet to have his records transferred but deep down, I'm sure they'll get over it.  I mean they still make a killing off of us on the dogs.

He took it pretty well.  I think he's totally fed up with his situation too.  (Ignore his dirty backside.  He decided to sit in litter before he was completely dry.)

 I think the fact there was no barking and only the smells of human and cat helped.  They tried to get a urine sample but it didn't work.  I left him overnight and Eric's picking him up to bring home today.

Cosme and I met up at his eye doctor and then met up with Eric for dinner.  When we finally made it home, Cosme got to work cleaning the cats' room while I gave Lucille a bath.  We pulled the food, water and litter box out into the entry way and shut off their room for the night.  I felt so sorry for Lucille.  She seemed so sad and lonely.  This morning she's been in one of her old spots though, hidden away behind the chair.

I think she's kind of enjoying the break from the bedroom, Strat's issues and a dog-free cage.  As for me, I'm enjoying this quiet time before the day really starts.  We've got a full day ahead and I'm sure Strat will need another bath.  (Sometimes urine samples will do that... )

UPDATE: The vet just called and instead of peeing in the litter box, he decided to sleep in it.  Still no urine but he's getting grouchy and is ready to come home so they're going to sedate him for a sample.

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Cult tickets purchased.

Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my day.

i heard a noise

late yesterday afternoon.  It came from the backyard and I have no idea what it was.  I had a video playing so I was a little distracted but it sounded like the dogs got into something but then changed their minds because the noise never happened again.  I didn't worry about it.

I let the dogs out this morning for breakfast and I think I found out what the noise was.

At least I'm pretty sure that part of a tree breaking off and falling would make a noise.  Now I just need to see about getting it out of here... and maybe trimming off some of what's left of it.  I've always hated that thing.

Add that to our backyard to-do list, right after burying the fence wire.  If the yard would dry up a little I might could even have it mowed.  For now I'll focus on the things I can control, like breakfast.

my zyrtec d is

down and things are seriously looking up.  I was getting over this sinus and stomach stuff but I had a setback on Saturday.  We dropped the car off in Brazoria and by the time we got home, I knew I would be down for the night.  I had been feeling a little nauseated off and on throughout the day. By the time evening rolled around, my head was hurting and my stomach was worse.  I couldn't even finish my Coke.  I had to keep my face covered because, even though nothing was stinky, the thought of smell was making my stomach worse.  I thought I could sleep it off but I was so miserable I couldn't even keep my eyes shut.  Eventually, I couldn't hold it in anymore.  I threw up my lunch and had some Sprite.  Only after that was I able to fall asleep and two hours later I was better.  I guess it was a migraine.  I really don't know since I don't think I've ever had a migraine before.  Well, I've had similar headaches before and maybe those were migraines but I guess I'll never know.  Anyway, the Zyrtec D is down, I've already been to the grocery store and I'm on my third load of laundry.  Oh, and it's just now 7:00.  So yeah, things are looking up.  I've got SO MUCH to catch up on but laundry is the main thing right now.

Since I haven't been feeling the best, we've been eating out a lot.  I mean a WHOLE lot.  Yesterday we went across the highway to Carl's Jr.  I'm not the biggest fan of their charbroiled burgers but they do have really good bacon, egg and cheese biscuits.  We ended up having to make a trip to Brazoria later so we stopped back by for dinner.  This time I had the chicken strips, which were good and I ordered the fried zucchini, but they wanted me to have fries.

I tried to eat like I meant it but when only half my order was right, it was difficult.  Today I'm living by those words though.  Bacon sandwich and a Coke for breakfast.  Looks like it's back to the Melanie Diet.

We also binge watched Stranger Things and finished our marathon last night.  That show is SO GOOD.  If I had to recommend one show of all the new shows I've been watching, it would be this one.  Seriously.  It's a Netflix series and season two comes out in October.

Do yourself a favor and watch it.  I say that now but I was regretting it when I left for the store at 6:00 this morning... by myself... in the dark... but forget about my issues though and just watch it.

Now it's off to finish laundry before I ruin my awesome start to the day and start slacking off.

i'm pretty sure either

i need vitamins or something in the air has got to give.  I got really sick at Thanksgiving with sinus crap, I got a cold after Cosme brought one home from work and now I'm back to sinus crap.  I haven't been under the weather this much since I worked and was looking for reasons to go home.  And as much as I love a good, soft peppermint, they suck for an itchy throat.  They're just not as strong as the hard ones and guess what I have a tub of... the soft ones.  Thank goodness Mom had Altoids in her purse yesterday.

I started off with Zyrtec D but have been using Flonase the rest of the week.  I called Walgreens and was told I could take Benadryl with it so that's what I've been doing in the evenings.  I start off slow, I do pretty well around 11ish and then I start to slow back down around 3:00.  When 5:00 rolls around, I'm pretty much ready for bed.  Today is looking up a little.  It's not even 7:00 and I'm up and around and being productive.  Let's hope this doesn't backfire and it's really just me using all my 11:00 energy.  If that's the case, I should be ready for bed around noon.  I really hope that's not the case because we're getting an early start with more to do today.  I think I'll hunt down some vitamin C.

I heard about a band a while back and they showed up as a suggestion on my timeline the other day.  I like a couple of their songs but here's one of their videos.

Now I'll go get ready and tell myself how wonderful I feel.  TCB

today is

Ash Wednesday and that means it's the beginning of Lent.  It also means today is a day of fasting (which will be one meal and two smaller snacks not to equal one meal) and the one meal for today won't have meat. 

First, we probably won't be going to the church tonight because I'm wondering if I have a stomach bug.  Second, I'm putting my stomach to the test with a grilled cheese sandwich.

If anyone ever says rat cheese won't make a good grilled cheese sandwich, they're 100% wrong.  Look at this stuff melting on my bread.

Seriously, look at this sandwich.

Now if someone says you should test your stomach for a bug on a grilled rat cheese sandwich, that person is 100% probably not right.  It's delicious but probably not the best idea for an iffy stomach.

I just ate half my sandwich.  I'm stopping there.  I'm going to go lie down and maybe have a Coke.  For the record, I will have this sandwich again when my stomach is at 100%.

remember a few months

back I was talking about a project I had in mind?  I did the cattle pics and thought that might be the beginning.  Well, I haven't done much else because let's face it, there has been a ton of other things going on.  Here's the deal though.  This project will be an ongoing thing.  There is no deadline or any set number of pictures per however long.  There's nothing like that but I do have my idea set.  Where do I live?  Texas.  What do I like?  Texas.  What's the topic of my project?  Texas.  More specifically, Scenes from Texas.

I'm going to post my first entry for Scenes from Texas. 

(Insert drum roll)

Scenes from a Barn Dance

Waxahachie, Texas

I just posted it up on my photo site so I guess that makes it official.

Now I just need to get out and about more... in Texas, of course.

i'm not really on a

diet because I have no rules.  I guess I'm just being more selective with what I eat.  I'll still have a donut if I end up at Shipley but I might not have a Coke to go with it.  Bad example because I'm only drinking one Coke a day (unless more is necessary) and I'm not about to have it at the crack of dawn.  I'll have that donut and not eat part of a kolache too.  That's more accurate.  As for that daily Coke, if I've already had it and we go out, I won't pass on Crown and Coke because I've already met my Coke quota for the day.  I'm just being selective and practical.  I ate breakfast this morning and never snacked on anything until lunch, not even that blueberry loaf that I'm about to have a slice of now.  See?  That's what I mean.  I'm just being a little more mindful.  That's the Melanie Diet: eat what you want but don't go crazy (unless you're in the mood to).  I even stuck with my plan when I was at Kroger earlier.

Normally I would buy Twinkie ice cream.  Who wouldn't?  Today I passed.

I don't like beer but I was shopping before lunch so hot dog and chips sounded good.  I passed.

I even passed on Chicken & Waffles Lays.

They had two different kinds of Girl Scout cereal.  Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch.

I totally caved and got the box of Caramel Crunch.  I've even sampled a couple of handfuls and it's good.  I'll probably just eat it by itself and not in a bowl with milk.  But here's the thing, I'm not following it with a Twinkie ice cream cone.  Selective and mindful.

There you have it.  The Melanie Diet.  Wait.  Maybe I shouldn't call it The Melanie Diet.  Not that it's a bad name, but The Melanie Diet would require you to do it for a few days and quit.  We'll see.  If I stick with it, I'll change the name.

'tis the season for

blueberries.  I tried a new recipe yesterday for a blueberry muffin bread.  It is exactly what it sounds like, a blueberry muffin baked as a loaf instead of muffins.  I found the recipe here thanks to Pinterest.  It was easy and I couldn't stop myself from sprinkling some turbinado sugar on top before sticking it in the oven.

I gave it a little time to cool off before putting a little butter on to sample it.  I was not disappointed.  Sometimes I like butter on my blueberry muffins and sometimes I like margarine but this morning I opted for the third thing I like on my blueberry muffin.  The busted yolk from a fried egg.  That was breakfast.

I also don't think I ever shared another thing I tried.  I'm pretty sure I didn't share because it was last week and my pictures were having issues.  I think I had it typed and ready to share but that's as far as it got.  Anyway, when Eric moved out I started Pinterest boards for "food for 2".  For example, take this loaf of blueberry muffin bread.  There's a lot of it.  I've started having to freeze things before they get old.  That itself is getting old and filling up my freezer.  So, back to last week.  I found a recipe for Fudge Brownie Pots for Two.  I topped each with a little scoop of ice cream.

I also wasn't disappointed with that.  I also couldn't finish it... in one sitting.  I went back later and ate the rest.  I'll definitely make those again.

I've got to stick to the smaller portioned desserts for two because now I'm a little scared to go for a walk.  I decided to do something different yesterday and went across the highway to a park with a walking trail.  Cosme and I go there sometimes and I figured it was a pretty day so why not.  The park is between a nursing home, an elementary school and the softball fields.  The park has a couple of pavilions with picnic tables and several areas of playground equipment.  I pulled up and noticed ladies in scrubs under one pavilion, clearly on their break from the nursing home.  There were a few ladies out walking so I felt safe.  I started my walk with my music going.  I started thinking about why I stick to the right side of the trail.  Most people go the same direction but I guess it makes sense to stick to the right in case that one person walks the opposite direction.  But then I thought that maybe they could move out of my way and I could walk on the left if I wanted, it's not like we're driving.  Then I thought about the few people who choose to run.  Kind of like the highway, I guess it makes sense for the slower traffic to keep right.  So, I came out of the curve and decided I'd just stick to the right and that's when I almost stepped on the biggest water moccasin I've ever seen, coming from the grass and brush to the right.  Granted, it's the only water moccasin I've ever seen but still.  This guy was huge.  After I jumped and waved my arms, but while my heart was still racing, I had to stop and stare, just to check him out.  He was so big.  I wondered if he'd just eaten or something.  After I got the picture to share on fb (of course), I started walking again.  I completed one lap and decided I'd keep going.  I made it back around to the snake area and he was gone.  I panicked and started running.  Fear and craziness took over and I imagined him jumping out at me and chasing me.  I ran.  On a trail.  For about 20 seconds I looked all athletic and motivated and junk, like those people who go to a trail to run.  So for about 20 seconds I didn't feel like a wimp.  Let's go ahead and make it a solid 60 if you want to count the time I was hanging around to check out the snake.  I mean seriously, that's not something wimps do.  So I made it back to my car and noticed a lady just got there with her little boy.  They were eating lunch at a table and I was sure he was going to play on the equipment after that.  I walked over to show her the picture and pointed to where I'd last seen the snake (which was on the path near that pavilion) and which direction he was headed (toward the playground we were near) and she grabbed their food and the boy and left faster than I did.  I can't say much though.  I was only about 10 steps behind her.  I wasn't sure what kind it was but kind of thought it was a water moccasin.  I don't know much about snakes but I know water moccasins are black and I know pointed heads are not good.  I've also heard water moccasins stink and there was definitely a stink in the area but I wondered if it had something to do with the standing water from the previous day's rain.  It doesn't matter now.  I'm home, he's gone and I'm not going back to the park alone.

Looks like I'll have to walk off all this blueberry muffin bread in the neighborhood... you know, where there are still snakes and lakes versus standing rain water.  I give up.  Maybe I'll just stay home and bake.

i saw a commercial for

something I thought I needed.  Do you ever just want some peanut butter?  Do you ever just have a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter?  Well, it might not be my brand of choice but there's an easy fix now by Skippy. It's a little container of balls of peanut butter.  No spoon necessary.

I've had quite a few.

Speaking of things people want, this car was at Milo's the other night.  Lauren and Eric both wanted to take it home.

It reminded me of the Bat Mobile.  Or is it Batmobile?  Two words doesn't seem right but then again, neither does one.  Clearly, I'm not a Batman fan.  I'm pretty sure that's one word.  It really doesn't matter because Superman is better.

Talking about these things people want, I'll mention a few things people don't want.  Allergies, I've already had some Zyrtec D.  Chores, I need to make the bed and start more laundry because I have other things that need to be done and I can't start without doing those two things.  Backaches, sitting in this chair is giving me one.  I think I'll head out now.

i seriously tried to post

last week.  Honestly.  For some reason I couldn't get my pictures to send.  I still don't know why.  Regardless of what didn't happen last week, I'm here today and that's what counts.  We're getting quite a bit of rain today... again.  Last week's rain was a little more severe so I hauled my plants into the garage since high winds were expected.  Today's a different story.  I pushed my pots up against the wall and left them out there.  Look at all my not-so-hard work getting watered.

There's the rosemary from however long ago I planted it and I put thyme right behind it.  The chives are in the front urn-looking pot and then there's the basil on the left.  Once that gets going I could use it on days like today when I'm having lasagna for breakfast.  Actually, I don't put basil on my lasagna but Cosme does.  You know what's good?  Put basil in a little food chopper and get it nice and mutilated then add softened butter to that and mix the mess out of it.  Take that and spread it over warm sourdough bread.  Yum.  That's what I need basil for. 

I would say a little more but I've got to go clean, unpack and do laundry after the weekend's barn dance and trip to Milo's.  Let's hope the rain doesn't steer me back to the tv and a blanket on the couch.  Man, that sounds awesome.

this weekend we

really fell off the wagon.  We ate out... quite a bit.  We didn't pick up food for EVERY meal but it's almost like that became our goal.  If there was a wagon for being consistent with blog posts, I've fallen off that one too.  For any other wagons I've got going, I'm probably pretty close to falling off those as well.  There's no particular reason for falling off all these wagons, I've just been distracted.

I've been trying to go for more walks.  I planted more herbs the other day to go along with all the rosemary.  I've still been clearing out and throwing things away.  It's just been like that around here.  Speaking of all those herbs, I guess I should probably water them since it's been a few days.  I also need to go to the grocery store.  I need to start some chicken breasts cooking so I can have a chicken salad sandwich for lunch.  I also need to pick up a few ingredients for lasagna.

I do have a situation though.  I've got blueberries that need to be made or frozen.  Nothing sounds good.  I guess I solved that problem.  I'll just freeze them.  I also want to make some bread.  I also wanted to get some dough started for cream cheese coffee cakes.  Yes.  I definitely want to do that today.  Maybe I'll just buy French bread at the store.  That'll save me a few steps.  I like how easily I can work through these problems on here.

I'm planning so much to do in the house and kitchen that I totally just filled my schedule and didn't leave any time for a walk.  Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.  Wait, it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  I'll do it Wednesday and not worry about today or tomorrow.  I'm totally rocking the problem solving today.

Speaking of morning walks, I found this on one last week.  I guess someone got tired of it, I don't know.  I took a picture of it and looked it up when I got home because The Dixie Dude Ranch sounded interesting.

Now I want to go to this dude ranch.  I remember watching an episode of Happy Days where they went to a dude ranch and I was always curious.  Now I've found one and I'd really like to go.  How hard do you think it'll be to convince Cosme into us taking a weekend trip to Bandera?  Yeah, I'm not holding my breath.  I think the chances of me not falling off one of my wagons again is more likely to happen than Cosme taking me to a dude ranch.  For now, I'll just watch that episode of Happy Days.
Ayyyyyeeeee. (or however you'd spell what Fonzie says)