i didn't post yesterday because

I didn't really have anything to post.  I woke up, ran some errands and then came home and did the usual.  I should be going for a walk this morning but last I checked it was kind of chilly out there.  By the time it warms up a little, I'll need to be home.

I did have a bunch of packages delivered yesterday.  Most of the disposable things for the wedding have arrived.  We've got cups for regular drinks, smaller cups for wine, a few of the napkins, cake plates, forks and I think that's it.  I don't know who delivered but considering it was here during regular business hours, I'm guessing it was FedEx.

I went through the open box to make sure everything was in there.

Several of the boxes had seen better days.

I'm hoping these are the only cups that were ruined.

I am going to pick up more though because all the beer I bought so far is canned.  Unlike me, I know some people don't like drinking out of cans.  I prefer it but I'm going to be considerate for those people who want a cup for their cans.

That's about it.  I'm going to be crafting today after I eat breakfast and finish a few chores.

I didn't know what to have for breakfast but decided to have a little piece of the cake I baked yesterday.  After that I needed something salty.  Lauren suggested bacon but I didn't feel like cooking anything.  I was about to turn to chips and then I wished I had some macaroni and cheese. 

The microwave just went off.  I'm about to wash my cake down with a salisbury steak and mac & cheese from Stouffers.  Why not?  Maybe I'll make bacon and waffles for dinner.

over the weekend we went to

church in Houston at St. Joseph-St. Stephen.  It was St. Patrick's Day.  It was also the feast day of St. Joseph.  They had an altar set up in the church where people set out food, which started as a Sicilian thing and I think he said this church had a large Sicilian community at one time.  There was also a dish of fava beans out.  The priest explained it all to us a little and then told us to be sure and pick up a fava bean to carry in our pocket for good luck.  He added that if we're not superstitious then pick one up anyway because it wouldn't hurt anything.  Since I fall under the category of mildly superstitious, I made sure I got a fava bean. 

Since it was also St. Patrick's Day, he started talking about how that church might have once been part of a Sicilian community but most of the customs in this country today are because of the Irish.  I had to poke Cosme because you know, 34% and all.

And now I've got to get busy.  I just got back from my walk and putting gas in the car.  I've really got to do some dishes and finish laundry.  I also have tons of wedding crafts to do.  Seriously.  I need to start some dvr or something because nothing will get done if I don't get up from this chair.  Well, stuff will get done but not the stuff I need done.

I've been on the computer a lot

trying to take care of wedding stuff.

I went to the website where I found the bagpiper for Dodo's funeral to try and find a vintage car that could take Eric and Paige from the church to the reception.  How pretty would an old Rolls Royce be?  It's just so classic.  Well, I didn't find anything like that.  I searched vintage cars and chauffeurs and got nothing.  I thought I'd try searching driver.

No luck there but just in case we ever need a Dr. Phil impersonator...  I wondered who else there was.  They've got Sylvester Stallone too.  You know, just in case.

I was also trying to find cups.  I had something in mind but of course, I found something different that I really liked that cost more.  I told Cosme.  He replied with "figures" and then I replied, referring to the time Dodo was proud of me for picking out expensive china.

Samsung tried to take the wheel, but, no.  

Later on I got an email.  Tripadvisor confirmed what I've been telling everyone for a couple of months now.

It was online so it's true.  I need to show Cosme.

And in things totally unrelated to technology, I found this in the flower bed by the front door.  I wish I would have focused on the outer shell rather than the inner shell.  Yuck.

I'm wondering if there's a nest in the rain gutter.  I would look but I don't feel like being attacked and falling off the ladder.  I've got better things to do, like letting the dogs out so I don't have to clean a mess out of the cage.

i had to run to

Kroger yesterday morning.  Yes, it was the last day of a sale but wait, it's not what you think.  I wasn't getting potatoes or strawberries.  They had 2 liters of Dr. Pepper and Canada Dry on sale.  I was stocking up for the wedding.  Anyway, we've been collecting boxes to load up decorations per table.  The plan is to make things go smoothly on the day of.  On my way to Kroger, I was thinking how these drinks are starting to pile up in the garage and I really needed a storage system.  I knew I didn't want to buy a bunch of plastic crates.  While they are strong and durable, the price adds up.  It's too bad there aren't cardboard boxes heavy enough to store bottles... DUH.  It finally dawned on me to stop by the liquor store.  I took all the boxes Spec's had. 

The lady told me to check back in a few days for more.  Some of the boxes are a little smaller but they're the perfect size to hold seven 2-liters.  I now have boxes of Dr. Pepper and ginger ale packed and labeled and it's just what my mind needed.  Now when Coke goes on sale, I'll start stocking up on that.

I did notice one thing though, Angleton must have a lot of Maker's Mark drinkers.

After I got the boxes in order, I came in to find a bread recipe to go with leftovers.  I found one on Pinterest for Sour Cream Cheddar and Chive Biscuits.  They seemed similar to the bread at Red Lobster but with chives.  (Hello, big ol' fresh chives from my pot!)  I loaded up a cookie sheet and then put what little extra was left in a cake pan.  I stuck the cookie sheet in and just put the cake pan on the rack underneath.  I was on the phone with Lauren and told her it smelled like something was burning.  I checked the biscuits but it was all good.  The timer went off and I pulled the bread out.  Oh, there's the smell, that little cake pan that must have been too close to the heat. 

The rest were fine.

I was waiting on Cosme and sampled one.  Then another.  They weren't bad but just not what I was expecting.  I guess I was expecting garlic, even though there was absolutely no garlic called for or added.  I definitely tasted the chives.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate them, I just had something different on the brain.  Cosme liked them.  I described them to him as almost like onion biscuits, or... chive biscuits.  The name should've given it away.  To me, they could've used a little more salt (fixed that with a dab of butter) and maybe a little garlic.  I'll be making them again sometime. 

Now that the weather's getting better, I decided to start going back to the park for walks.  I went on Monday... the first day of spring break.  I decided today I'll go earlier, like not right before lunch.  Maybe some of those moms will keep their kids in for breakfast and leave a few more parking spots for walkers. Well, the exterminator is coming today so going around lunch isn't even an option. 

Okay, time to TCB.

have i mentioned how hard it

is for me to pass up a good deal?  It is.  It's really hard.  I didn't need beef tenderloin but I knew I wanted some.  Last week Kroger had their Nolan Ryan brand of meat on sale for 25% off.  I was talking to one of the guys who works the meat counter about steaks and told him that's what I really wanted but not for that much, pointing at the beef tenderloin.  The package was $125.  (Have I mentioned there's a wedding coming up?)  I told him that Eric's been wanting to make beef wellington.  I told Eric he should make it for me and I'd supply the meat, both of us knowing it would be after the wedding because well, make note of the $125... that's why.  (Have I ever also mentioned that not only is it hard for me to pass up a good deal but I'm cheap too?)  Anyway, I told the guy at the meat counter that and he said he'd break that one up for me and give it to me for $8/pound versus the sale price of 25% off $20/pound.  Cool.  I totally didn't set this up trying to haggle meat prices.  I mean is that even a thing?  He offered so how could I say no?  Did I go in planning to buy four pounds of beef tenderloin?  No.  Was I going to pass it up at $8 a pound?  NO WAY.  I had him cut me two 1-pound chunks (might as well get two at that price) and two steaks for that night's dinner.  I was so impressed with the sticker I took a picture of it to send to Eric.

The only problem was I knew the big chunks wouldn't be made for at least a few days.  So now they're wrapped tightly in the freezer.

Speaking of great deals, yeah, I bought more strawberries over the weekend but Kroger also had a deal on 5 pound bags of potatoes for 88 cents.  Raise your hand if you think I resisted the bargain.  If you raised your hand, you are 100% wrong.  Not only did I buy one bag for us AND one for Eric and Paige but I went back on Sunday and bought us another bag.  I made a few the other day so that leaves me with about 9 pounds of potatoes.  I do realize there are only two of us living in this house.  I don't know what I'm going to do.  I have looked up freezing potatoes and they need to be cooked first.  Oh, they also last longer if you take them out of the plastic bags... (added to to-do list).  Maybe I'll spend one full day cooking potatoes to freeze.  You'd think I'd be trying to work them into every meal but we didn't even have any last night or the night before.  The night before we had chicken sandwiches with STORE BOUGHT potato salad (hey, it sounded good and 9 pounds of potatoes or not, I don't have a good recipe) and last night we had sheet pan chicken and vegetables and that really goes with rice.  What's with all the chicken, you ask?  Guess what else was on sale for 88 cents a pound... boneless, skinless chicken breasts.   

I don't guess there's any need to mention our freezer is running low on space.  The sale that ended on Sunday also included Blue Bell.  I picked up a tub of that too.  Maybe I need to set up a day to clean out the freezer since I'm running across all these great deals.  I know there are some frozen dinners in there that we won't miss.  (When did Stouffer's french bread pizzas go downhill?  I used to like those things.)

Oh well, just a day in the life of a tightwad food hoarder.

if you can't hang with the

big dogs then stay off the porch... or something like that.  Well, I can hang with the big dogs but it might not look so hot afterwards.  And really, the dogs aren't very big.

Those aren't actual scratches, just marks I guess from the blood underneath.  (Or however that works.)  The marks are still there with a few added bruises.  This is what always happens when I'm out playing with the dogs.  More specifically, this is what happens when I'm lying out in the yard with the dogs.  One thing I did learn from this is that Archer thinks he is a lap dog.  That's fine because it's cute.

I pulled up in the driveway one day over the weekend and checked out the azalea.

So far so good.

Wait.  Look at that.

Is that NEW GREEN???  Does this mean the pot is working???  I fixed it???  I just love little victories, assuming this is the plants way of getting better and not just it on its final leg and showing me what could have been.  Cindy told me how hard these things are to grow and she grows everything... except azaleas because she said she always kills them.  I think Mom said azaleas can be difficult.  If this is the plant seriously choosing to stay alive, I can't wait to show and tell.  Me, of all people, keeping another plant alive.  Well, until the next snow comes.

Fortunately, that won't be anytime soon.  Nope, now we're coming right back around to hurricane season.  That sucks.  I think that's the biggest thing I hate about the gulf coast, next to mosquitos and the heat.  Oh well.  I can't sit here and let that get me down because that also means grilling season is back.  We grilled twice in the last three days.  I grilled shrimp on Friday and burgers on Saturday.  Oh, I also finally got around to making the strawberry pie.  I also only had enough strawberries for one pie by the time I got around to doing it though.  No problem, that one pie is kind of awesome.  Also, I saw strawberries on sale yesterday so I got more.  I can't pass up a good deal.  So now I'm back to square one.  What should I do with all the strawberries I picked up yesterday?

Maybe next on my to-do list should be trying my hand at another strawberry plant.  This time I'll leave it in the front yard where Maggie can't eat the berries.  I'll wait and see how the azalea does first.

today i need to get serious about the

strawberries.  I did my research and unless I plan on using them in a smoothie or something like that, there's no point in freezing them.  I guess their texture basically turns to mush or something like that.  I  did manage to make a dent in them yesterday when I cut some up and added them to a bowl with other fruit.  I snacked while I got sucked into Ancestry.com... until I heard cat litter being sloshed around and saw Strat behind me taking care of business.  I picked up my fruit and left the room.

I think strawberry pie might be my best bet, since it calls for 4 cups for each pie.  The only downside is I'll need to make two batches of pie crust.  Oh no, lots of pie crust and strawberries... I guess there are worse things.  Now let's hope Eric wants the extra pie.

here goes

nothing.  I finally got around to putting the azalea I got from Dodo's funeral in a pot.  I had to do something.  I was trying to figure out the best place to put it.  Should it go in the ground or in a pot?  Did it need full sun or shade?  Did it need a mixture of everything?  I've tried placing it in different spots in the pot it was in.  I propped it up in the flower bed where it would've been planted but it still looked bad.  I put it in the shade next to the potted plants but it looked bad there too.  The only thing I knew to do was to get it out of that tiny pot so it would have more room to breathe.  I got what remained of the basil out and replaced the empty pot with the azalea.

Now we wait.  I watered it and that was that.  I'll give it a few days against the house and then maybe a few days in the sun.  If it still looks like it does now, I'll have to think of a new spot.  Maybe I'm supposed to cut off the dead flowers.  I guess I'll have to look it up.

I saw a story on fb last night how people are reporting that some Alexas have randomly started doing a weird laugh out of nowhere.  Falling asleep after watching that news clip was the same feeling as walking through a haunted house when you know someone is about to jump out at you.  She never laughed and I fell asleep.

I also learned that today is International Women's Day.  I think that's a bunch of nonsense.  First of all, if you're so happy about something, be happy and acknowledge it all the time.  If I want to celebrate being 45 today, I will.  Nobody said I can ONLY do it on my birthday.  And what about these women who don't have it as nice as the women in this country, you know, the same American women who complain about having it so bad?  I can't deal with it.

I'm getting worked up now.  I need to go concentrate on that azalea.

i am back and I'm loving

it.  If you're hungry, you might want to look away because today is all about the food.

So like I was saying, that no motivation allergy slump I was in is GONE and yesterday was proof.  I woke up knowing I wanted to make a batch of chocolate peanut clusters in the crock pot.  Leasa made these for the shower and I needed more.  I did a half batch in the small crock pot.

I used THIS recipe I found on Pinterest and it was so easy.  I wore a glove while I was making the clusters and I took the glove off twice and laid it down on the counter.  Here are pictures of my glove both times.

If gloves could talk... nevermind, no words necessary.  Mine was making it loud and clear.

Cranky glove aside, the clusters were done and cooling on parchment paper by 8:30. 

I was going up to the church to help out at 10:30 and I knew I also wanted to bake some more of that french bread I made a couple of weeks ago so I started that dough and left it to rise.

I got home and got the bread ready for the oven.  I have this problem a lot when I make free standing loaves. 

The bread tends to split down one side.  I googled it and some people said that happens when the bread doesn't proof long enough.  Whatever.  Maybe patience isn't one of my strong points when food is involved.

Look at that. 

It was delicious, splits and all.

Speaking of delicious, I finally got around to making a spinach and strawberry salad that was served at Dodo's funeral.

I loved it and knew I needed to make it ASAP.  It was just as good as I remember.  Oh, and don't mind that filet mignon or the roasted garlic potatoes in the background.  They were just along for the ride.  Not to toot my own horn or anything but yeah, dinner was pretty awesome last night.

Now I've got two issues. 

1.  The clusters are almost gone.  I halved the batch and looking at even half, figured we'd get tired of them and move onto other things.  Out of that half batch, I took a bag up to the church.  I guess I could make more or I could move on to strawberry desserts.

2.  Strawberries were on sale and I knew I wanted the salad so I loaded up.  I now have four containers of strawberries.  You know what?  That salad doesn't use very many strawberries.  Now I need to figure out a few things to do with all that I have left.  I was already thinking about scones and a pie but maybe I need to do some research on freezing them.  That might be the best option.  Do I really need a pie and scones all at once?  As much as I'd like it, no, I don't need them all at once.

I just thought of another issue.  How in the world will tonight's dinner match the awesomeness of last night's?  I already know what I'm making but something tells me that roast won't even come close.  While I'm researching the right way to freeze strawberries, I might as well search "how to add pizazz to your pot roast to make it as fabulous as last night's super awesome filet mignon". 

a photo challenge sounds like a

simple task.  For example, yesterday's prompt of loud.  Fine.  Easy enough.  Take a picture of something loud.  I was out running around for a lot of yesterday and kept my eyes open for "loud" the whole time.  Yeah, the drink cooler at one of the stores was loud but I didn't see anything that would show it in a picture.  I came home and noticed the garbage cans were all still out.  That was it.  I decided to take a picture of the garbage truck.  With the new system, the truck picks up the other side of the street while on his way into the neighborhood, collects the neighborhood and then does our side of the street on his way out.  I was in the kitchen and heard the garbage truck.  I ran outside to catch him driving by.  I was too slow.

No biggie.  I came back in to give him time to finish and leave.  My new plan was to catch him on the way out.  I had an idea to sit behind the bushes and get the snapdragons in the picture.  This way I wouldn't look like a nerd just straight up taking pictures of a garbage truck.  Oh wait, a school bus was on its way down the street so I got a practice shot to check out.

No, I didn't like that.  First of all, look at all those weeds.  But second, I wanted more flowers in the picture.  I sat and waited.  I decided to pull a few weeds while I was waiting.  That didn't take very long but then I didn't really give it my all.  I wasn't making a new chore out of it.  I was only trying to get a picture so I could come back in and fold towels.  A truck pulled up at the neighbor's house.  I was really hoping they didn't notice me just sitting on the driveway, partially behind bushes.  I was starting to think I'd look less weird doing that straight up garbage truck shot.  Then I heard a vehicle coming.  It was kind of loud so I got in position.

Hmm.  Fed Ex isn't something typically associated with being loud.  I was okay with the picture but just not the subject.

Not wanting to seem weird to the neighbors and every car driving by, I took a few pictures.  I'm sure none of them noticed but in my head, I felt better.

There was this bee buzzing all over the Indian Hawthorne.  (I didn't need to zoom in, I was that close... sitting on the driveway behind the bushes.)  But look at that face he's giving me.  He was probably the only one I was actually creeping out.

There was also this worm that I hated.  I guess it's a worm.  He's a squirmy critter and I hate any and all squirmy critters.  He made me jump while I was pulling weeds. 

There were also a few mosquito hawks, a lady bug and a huge fly.

After I'd been sitting behind the bushes for over 30 minutes (I wish I could say I was exaggerating), I heard a vehicle approaching.  It wasn't the garbage truck but it was just as loud.  It was another school bus.  I was going to forget the garbage truck and go for the school bus.  I mean seriously, not only is the vehicle loud but the inside of a school bus in known for being noisy.  I acted like I was taking pictures of my flowers while the bus dropped off the neighbor kid and I got a picture as it drove off.  Done.  I needed to come in and start my phone charging so I waited to post it until I got plugged in.

I came inside and plugged in my phone and then I heard it.  There went the garbage truck. 

And that, folks, is the simple task of a daily photo challenge.

i walked past the front door

a few days ago and the sunrise looked really pretty coming through the glass.

I just thought I'd share that.

Last year I planted chives.  A few weeks later I posted something about the plant still being alive.  I was so proud and shared a picture.

Look at the chives and don't forget about the rosemary back there.

I was so excited. 

When winter came, I didn't think about covering anything.  oops.

I figured it was really no big deal.  If I killed anything, I'd just replant in the spring... if I felt like it.  To my surprise though, I noticed the chives and rosemary weren't bothered at all by the snow.  While the basil died, those two were fine.

I noticed the chives and rosemary yesterday.

Look at that.

Just look at that.  That stuff is doing better than ever.  The key to chives and rosemary?  Snow.  Well, don't quote me on that because what do I know?  I just got lucky, I guess.  Oh, I guess I could remove the elegant ensemble of grocery bags and tape from the water pipes.  Although, who's going to notice with the fabulous rosemary and big ol' fat chives right there.  Probably nobody.  Maybe I'll take it down anyway and invest in a better look for next year.  Maybe I could also try to find some recipes that involve chives and rosemary.  Sounds like bread might be coming up this week.

Oh, on the allergy front, things are looking good.  Other than a few coughing fits here and there and the occasional sneezing with sniffles, it's all good.  I started Friday off with hot tea and honey.  I stopped by to see Mom and she could tell I was feeling better.  She even offered me a Kcup of decaf tea to try.  Maybe I was feeling too good.  Anyway, I haven't had any elderberry syrup but I did make more tea.  I made Cosme have some over the weekend.  We sat on the couch and sipped tea with honey while we rested.  Maybe I should try tea just for more energy in the mornings.  If it can amp me up that much while I don't feel great, imagine what it could do when I'm functioning at 100%.  On second thought, the world might not be ready for that.

Now I'm off to go and start making up time on everything I didn't get done last week.  Maybe that tea isn't such a bad idea.  I'll give this can of cold caffeine a chance first.

allergies made me

do it.  I'm not proud and I'm blaming it all on allergies.

As if me stressing it constantly for the last three days hasn't hit home, this right here shows you exactly how I've been feeling.  I didn't make a cake.  I went to Stewart's and bought a cake to take to the church.  There was one other time I bought cookies instead of making them.  I'm serious.  This junk is giving me the worst case of the blahs.  Each day I've been feeling a little better though.  Today's Friday and my plan for the weekend is to sit here and rest.  I can't handle much more of this blahness.  Being lazy is one of my favorite hobbies but I also can't stand it when stuff needs to be done.  I did one load of laundry yesterday... ONE.  It's not just me though.  Cosme's pretty much in the same boat.  I finally convinced him to take a Benadryl last night, telling him it would help that tickle in the back of his throat that's keeping him coughing.  All I ever hear from him is "it's all in your head".  Guess what.  This morning he admitted that the Benadryl helped. 

Maybe the next time I'm here, it won't all be about allergies this and allergies that... not that I'm asking for anything worse to come along.  I think I'm going to go lie down.  I don't know if it's the Zyrtec or Jim Beam.

it's day three of allergy

crap and I've put everything off as long as I can.

I have to get to Brazoria this morning so we can work on a wedding project.  I took the stuff over yesterday afternoon but the wrath of oily popcorn hit and I didn't feel like doing anything.  (Oily popcorn is now in the trash.)  I came home after we sat there for a little bit so I could stick dinner in the oven.  I got that going and took a Benadryl.  The sneezing and sniffles stopped and I passed out on the couch.  So anyway, if I want Mom's help with the tree, we HAVE to get it started today.  Drainage and watery eyes can't hold me back today.

Oh, I also have to bake a cake to drop off at the church tomorrow.  Do I feel like it?  No.  Did I sign up for it?  Yes.  I could always go buy a cake but... Well, you know me.

It's also the first day of March and while I haven't done either photo challenge for a while, it's the first day of a new month so I'm going to try to jump back on the daily photo train.  We'll see.  If being preoccupied doesn't distract me again, I'm pretty sure allergy symptoms will.

Right now though, I'm thinking hot, scrambled eggs might help.

before the shower on Saturday

I was looking for hostess gifts.  I went to the farmers' market to see if there was anything there.  I didn't find hostess gifts but I did find a booth with natural remedies.  I've been hearing a lot about elderberry syrup fighting off colds and flu and this booth had some.  I went ahead and picked up a bottle.

Yesterday when I woke up feeling less than awesome, I started off with the usual sinus solutions.  Nothing was really working.  I remembered that syrup and as much as I didn't want to try it (scared of how bad it would taste), I did.  I kind of like it.  Along with elderberry, it's got honey, cinnamon, ginger and other stuff.  I don't think it's a miracle quick fix but at 1 TBS twice a day, I wasn't expecting that.  I'm going to keep with it and see if it helps keep this junk from turning into anything worse.  I already have the diffuser going with lavender, peppermint and today, a little orange for some oomph.  Oh, I also took a nasal decongestant.  I'm all for trying the natural stuff but if you've got the good stuff, take it. 

Today is starting off better though.  My throat isn't sore but my head's still draining.  I guess I'll just keep taking everything I get my hands on.

i've been wanting popcorn for about

a week now.  I was going through a list of movies yesterday and it's like my brain started chanting "popcorn, popcorn, popcorn".  My popper quit working towards the end of last year and I haven't replaced it.  I thought about a big pot in the cabinet that would work and make a lot.  This pot has never been used for popcorn and is bigger than the one I used to use so I wasn't sure about the amount of oil.  I guessed and made it.  It looked a little oily and I knew I shouldn't eat very much but I did.  I kept going.

It was delicious.

We'll call this picture Too Much of a Good Thing.  Or maybe Stop While You're Ahead.  I knew I needed to stop and I just couldn't.

Oh well.  I figured it wouldn't end well and it didn't.  But I will tell you this, I can sit here and talk about how I knew I shouldn't overdo it and predicted the outcome but looking at this picture has me wanting to do it all over again.  Popcorn does that to me.  There are leftovers so who knows, there might just be a repeat today.  I'll sample a little right now.  Maybe moderation is the key.

Oh my gosh.  I can't just sample.  It's so good.  I'm making myself stop.  I don't know how many handfuls I just had. 

One more.

Fine.  Two.

I'm done. 

Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

I'm really done.  I'm not looking at this or talking about the popcorn anymore.  I'm going to find something to do that is far away from the popcorn.  I'll go fold clothes.  I'll put the bag of popcorn in the pantry.  Out of sight, out of mind.

I hope.

we had a shower for

Eric and Paige over the weekend at the beach.  It was fun.  This picture was taken the next morning.

Once we got home yesterday, we crashed.  I started laundry and planned on getting stuff done but my eyelids had other plans.  Cosme had the tennis channel on but was passed out so I changed it to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and did the same thing.  We woke up a little later saying we were hungry but went back to sleep.  We woke up around 6:00 and made sandwiches and continued to lounge.  When the alarm went off at 4:30 this morning, I had to tell myself I wasn't tired because I got enough rest yesterday.  I wasn't buying it.

Seriously though, I think it'll be like this until the wedding.  I haven't even been sticking with the photo challenges very well.  Other stuff is just happening and I'm preoccupied.  I told Cosme when the wedding's over I'll need a vacation.  I told him I probably wouldn't even care if it was a staycation with no phones, just home on lockdown with plenty of food and tv.  After we watched Ghost Adventures on dvr last night though, I'm having second thoughts about a staycation and thinking about Vicksburg.  Cosme said we could stay in an old place with ghost activity. I told him he can forget that and I'll be at a Holiday Inn.

Oh well, no time to think about that now.  I've got to catch up on other stuff so I can take advantage of Mom's craftiness while she's down.  Back to wedding stuff.

i don't really have much to share

today.  I need a Benadryl but I don't want to get drowsy.  My eyes are watery and my nose is sniffly and I have some pressure in my head with a little bit of drainage and sneezing.  Wow, after reading all that, drowsiness doesn't seem like that big of a deal.  I don't have a ton of things on the to-do list today so I guess being sluggish wouldn't hurt much.  Dinner is made.  I remembered to put the lasagna in the refrigerator last night.  The only thing I planned on leaving the house for today was voting.  It's done.  Oh, if you want to avoid any crowds, take advantage of early voting... in the rain.

So yeah, that's all that's going on.  I guess I'll just take a Benadryl and deal with whatever happens.

Oh, there is this

in case anyone was wondering what I'd look like as a man.

Is there a thing to show me what I'll look like after taking Benadryl?

on Saturday I was busting

my butt to get chicken spaghetti made.  I couldn't find the recipe so had to wing it and I had about 13 other things going on while I was trying to figure it out.  The plan was to get it made and that would save me from having to make or pick up dinner for at least three nights.  I did it.  It came together and I liked what I sampled.  I had to stop Cosme from eating it, telling him he'd get burned out by the time we were done with it.  We went on with our stuff and when Sunday rolled around, we had some chicken spaghetti.  When Tuesday came, I thought I'd make a loaf of french bread to go with the spaghetti.  The recipe I normally used was too much trouble to get (something about now having to sign up to be a member of the site or something).  I said forget it and found another recipe.  I wasn't sure with it being a new one and all.  I used this one HERE.

I was hoping it would taste half as good as it smelled.

After it cooled I tried a slice.

Then I had another slice.  I'll definitely make it again.  It's really good.  That reminds me, I need to pull another stick of butter out to soften.

So last night we had chicken spaghetti with french bread and salad.  We both enjoyed it.  I got the dishes washed and knew I needed to let the chicken spaghetti to cool down before putting the last of it in the refrigerator.  I was totally on top of things.  Even if we didn't have the french bread, we'd still have about two more dinners of chicken spaghetti.

We watched some tv and eventually went to bed.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning and remembered I never put the chicken spaghetti in the refrigerator.  I've been disappointed with myself ever since.  I hate doing stupid stuff like that, stupid little things that could've been avoided.

Oh well, maybe I'll write down the recipe so I'll at least have that going for me next time.

i went out to pick up the

dog mess yesterday.  Here's a picture of Maggie.

She likes returning the ball after I throw it.  She gets that she can't chase it again if I don't have it to throw.  Archer, on the other hand, he likes to pretend like he's about to give it back and then he runs like he wants me to chase him.  I've got news for him.  That probably won't happen. 

Now speaking of picking up messes.  I went outside to bring the garbage can in and had to pick up some trash.

I posted it in the neighborhood fb group.  I don't really think one person is being sloppy but I think it's the new trash system.  They've changed us over to those trucks that just pull up to the can, grab it and dump it upside down to unload.  Now, knowing how that process works, I think it is somewhere down the line blamed on a person.  If they would put their garbage in bags before putting it in the can, it wouldn't be loose for the wind to catch and blow into my yard.  Not only do I not enjoy picking up other people's trash, but it's disgusting.  This didn't just start with the new truck system but this is definitely the biggest trash so far.  We've had it all though and trust me, it's no fun picking up old, dirty puppy pads.  At least I tell myself it was from a puppy...

I'm stopping there before I lose my appetite.  Cold pizza, anyone?

a while back I thought

Walmart's store brand cinnamon oatmeal was my favorite and when I couldn't find any I had to get Quaker.  Once I couldn't find Great Value or Quaker I bought a box of HEB's store brand.  I've gone through two boxes of HEB and was at Walmart when I saw they had their Great Value brand of Cinnamon Roll on the shelf.  Instead of going to HEB for one thing, I picked up the box of GV at Walmart.  It was my favorite, after all.  It's not my favorite anymore.  I hereby declare HEB Cinnamon & Spice Instant Oatmeal the best in the land.

It was a busy weekend.  I cooked, I cleaned, we pulled weeds and we made two trips to Houston for church stuff with Paige.  I saw a car on one of those trips but I'm not sure what it was.  It's not that I loved the car but OCD kicks in when I don't know something and I have to find out.  I searched what I remember the car having on it.  I'm pretty sure one emblem was "F class" and the other side was what I thought might be a logo that had an F in it.  The license plate frame was from a dealer that sold Fiat and Maserati.  Searching those things, I learned this:

F Class: a Mercedes model and this car was not a Mercedes.  Now I'm wondering if maybe it was "F Series" which would make me think Ford truck but it was a two door, possibly a hatchback.

F logo: I thought there was a little bit of green next to the F but looking at logos I didn't see that

Plate frame: I searched and there is a dealer in Houston who does sell Fiat, Maserati and Alfa Romeo.  While I knew the logo wasn't Fiat or Maserati, I looked up the Alfa Romeo logo.  Did I see the F next to green correctly?  Was it actually a green squiggle that resembled an F from two car lengths away?

Obsessing and continuing my search just now, I see that it was actually an F Type and it was a green F on the other side.  I couldn't see the large Jaguar logo on the trunk because there had been a big spoiler (is that what they're called?) in the way.  One more reason to get rid of the spoiler.  Anyway, now I'm happy and will stew in the satisfaction of having one more bit of useless information.

I also worked on my Dogwood52 photo challenge and just as I was about to give up on posting the image that I couldn't find, I realized it was in another file.  Awesome.

Week 7- Composition: Fill the frame

I plan to use these flowers again tomorrow for the FMS photo challenge.

I also plan to call to get the yard done today so I need to pick up towels and boards from the yard.  You know, typical dog toys.  One of our conversations from the weekend went like this:

Cosme: Don't we have a weed eater?
Me: No. Maggie ate it.

Now I'm off to get into the swing of spring.

i stuck to the plan

yesterday.  I had my remoulade made bright and early and the shrimp were cleaned.  I headed to Katy for Cosme's lunch break and we went to a church near his office for ashes.  I knew if we waited until 6:00 to go here that we wouldn't have waited for me to cook and would've ended up ordering something to go.  So, we stuck with it and he came home and dinner was ready.

Shrimp po boys with sliced fries.  Chips?  I used Emeril's recipe that I found HERE.

Mine was missing tomato because I don't like it.  Oh, I also accidentally put twice the amount of creole seasoning in the marinade.  oops.

As soon as I finished I told Cosme we should have just gone to Popeyes.  That was a lot of work.  I'm serious. 

I have to get out and pull weeds today.  The flower beds look HORRIBLE.  It's been cold and wet and I haven't wanted to bother with it.  Today it's still a little dreary but the temps are in the 70's so I just have to do it. ugh.

You know those nights where a bad dream ruins it for you?  Like you wake up and it ruins the rest of your sleep and then when it's time to wake up, you're still thinking about your dream?  That's me right now.  I had a dream I went to the doctor and then a friend told me I have some incurable cancer.  I don't know where that came from but I wish it would've stayed where it was.  Thanks for nothing, dream state.  Let's hope this is one of those dreams that doesn't come true. 

I guess I'll go pull weeds and try to forget about that nightmare.  Then again, maybe I'd be better off going back to bed.

sometimes you just need a little

alone time.  When that time comes, you bark while you and your buddy are together in a cage to make it seem like you need out.  When the owner opens the cage and your buddy heads outside, you stand in the back of the cage acting like you don't know where that bark came from.

Not only was the bark too deep to be Maggie's but Archer refused to make eye contact with me.  He hung his head and stared at that really interesting wall.

I know it was you, Archer.

And just like how you sometimes need a little alone time, sometimes you just need some gravy on your chicken fried steak.  I never put gravy on my meat, unless the gravy is homemade and turned out to be what might be the best batch of gravy I've ever made.

Look at that.  Look at how thick that gravy is.  Don't look too hard though.  No meat today.  Remember?

Speaking of no meat, for dinner I'm making shrimp po boys.  It'll be a first for me.  I prefer shrimp alone.  The texture and consistency don't seem right for tacos or quesadillas or anything.  We'll see.  But first, I need to make the remoulade so it can sit in the refrigerator all day and taste better by this evening.

Time to start dinner... at 6:00 am.