we figured something

out last night.  Maggie doesn't really get her attitude with Cosme around.  We also figured out this must be the hierarchy in their eyes:

(With Maggie and myself rotating, depending on her mood.)  I don't get that.  I'm sweet but I'm stern as well.

While we're here, the hierarchy in the cats' eyes:

Servants (aka every other living body)

Speaking of the animals, I went ahead and told Eric about Archer.  I sent him a picture too.  This is what is going on with his forehead.

All this picture needs is some Sarah McLachlan playing in the background.

I let Archer have some alone time yesterday.  Maggie was out playing and he hung back and sat around in the cage for a while.  I think he appreciated that.

And as for the latest on Strat, he's still taking his 2 1/4 pills a day.  I did find a way to make it easier on me though.  Instead of giving it to him all at once, I space it out.  It's not like he forgets what's coming but it's just not as messy and a little less of a struggle.

Here's what happens after one of our struggles

He drools and drools and drools and drools... It's not pleasant for either of us.  He keeps trying to spit pills out and I keep retrieving nasty smelling wet pills and sticking them back down his throat.  Really, it's not fun.  Oh, another thing, he won't hesitate to snap at me.

If I can get other unflattering pictures of the animals today with TMI, I'll be sure and post those tomorrow.  Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

I've been back on my raspberry tea kick from Sonic.  I started thinking about how much cheaper it'd be if I just made my own pitcher of raspberry tea.  I pulled out the iced tea maker and my box of raspberry tea and got busy.  Let's see, the directions said for one quart of tea I'd use six tea bags.  My machine makes three quarts so that 18 tea bags.

Eighteen tea bags.  Okay.  I had 12 but had already prepped my machine for three quarts.  Oh well, it would either be disgusting or just weak.  After brewing and cooling I've come to the conclusion that I'll probably just stick with Sonic's happy hour.  I did find a jug of raspberry tea at Kroger but it's sweetened and I like the unsweetened tea 98% of the time.  Like I said, happy hour at Sonic.

Now I've got to go take the garbage out.  I forgot I put the wrapper from a package of chicken in there.  Yuck.  Still TMI?

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