i made those

Halloween cupcakes I had talked about.  Well, the vanilla looked like Halloween cupcakes.  The chocolate looked like Sesame Street cupcakes.

I wanted to try a different frosting tip to make the creature look hairy.  I'd already decided to go with purple because I'd seen the eyeballs on it and I thought they looked good together.  The chocolate cupcakes had a plain vanilla buttercream frosting... with eyeballs.

Halloween cupcakes, the Sesame Street edition

Some with smaller eyes and after with bigger, bloodshot eyes

I tried using black frosting to add a mouth, like maybe the monster was screaming or scaring someone.  It didn't help.  It just made it look more like a muppet.

The vanilla cupcakes had almond buttercream and those could pass for Halloween cupcakes.

Halloween cupcakes, the Psycho edition

I didn't think to try the red gel before adding so much to the cupcakes.  I didn't care for it.

I took some up to Eric and left some here for us.  I've been working on making them disappear.

I didn't make a special trip to drop off cupcakes and bread though.  I was headed to a Capture Crawl with Houston Center for Photography on Saturday morning.  It was a walking tour of The Heights.  Go ahead and ask me how many pictures I took.  Two.  I took TWO pictures.  I didn't plan on only taking two pictures.  (And by the way, I haven't even bothered looking at them.)  It was a tour pointing out the different types of architecture through Houston Heights.  Forget about the fact that as a kid I would sit around with pencils, paper and a ruler and design houses for fun but this house tour was also basically a history tour.  So yeah, I didn't get any pictures because I was too caught up in the story and our history lesson.  So I pretty much failed at the Capture Crawl but the tidbits of info I picked up balanced it out.  I kind of feel like I could use a redo though, maybe one that isn't so interesting.

I guess I should find a way to get motivated before I fail at Monday too.

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