i was being spied

on this morning by an intrusive reptile.

Speaking of which, I watched some of the Presidential debate last night.  I wasn't watching it by choice.  Cosme was watching it and I was right there.  This whole election and the nastiness it's brought out in people on social media is disappointing.  It's all really too much for someone like me to put up with, someone who although totally passive aggressive, likes to keep her mouth shut.  I expect it from the candidates, that's what they do.  I don't expect it from people on fb.  I mean, when you connect with someone on fb, it's friending.  Being a friend involves being nice and somewhat respectful.

You know what I think is pretty funny?  I'll tell you anyway.  As teenagers and young adults it seems like, just from what I've experienced, everyone was all "stick it to the man" with anarchy symbols everywhere.  It's sad that now a lot of these people are the same ones buying into all the BS they're being fed from the media and its politicians, like they lost having a mind of their own.  I'm not saying a lack of government would in any way be a good thing.  Trust me, I understood we would one day have to grow up and get with the program.  I'm just saying how crazy it is to grow from anti-establishment to so (I don't even know how to word it), so... I believe and trust everything the man tells me because they are the government and do no wrong.  Do I like being an American?  Definitely.  Do I trust the people running this country?  Definitely not.  But guess what.  That's the awesomeness of being an American, having my own opinion.  I'm not going to sit here and trash one candidate because I'm not in the mood to be one of those people... right now.  "Here, let me preach about how horrific bullying is and everyone is equal... but I'm going to harass you and call you names because being a bully isn't that bad and I only meant we're all equal if you have my same beliefs."  That's all I'm going to say because I'm tired of it.

I'm tired of it all.  I'm tired of people.  I'm tired of their opinions.  I'm tired of all the BS.  I'm disappointed and disgusted.  They say your true colors come out when you drink.  That statement needs to be amended: Your true colors come out during a presidential election year.  And besides, what happened to way back when you weren't supposed to talk about who you were voting for?  I guess that went right out the window with so many other things.

I'm stopping here.  I feel like I could sit here and rant for the rest of the day.  I've already had one Coke.  I predict another before the day's over. 

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