i can say one thing about all

that baking I did, other than the fact it made me eat way too much, it put me in the mood to cook.  Yes, we were back in the eating out habit but I think that was mainly because we were so busy.  Since I've done all that baking though, I've found myself planning more meals to cook instead of calling in for take out.  As for groceries, I like shopping for certain things at Aldi just because they're cheaper.  Today I decided I'd drive to the one in Alvin since we're running low on eggs.  I almost went to the one in Pearland to stop by another store as well (Sprouts) but I wanted to hurry because I'd baked two chicken breasts for chicken salad before I left.  There are several things I like better about Aldi in Alvin than Pearland but one of the things I don't like better is the drive.  Instead of a 30 minute drive down 288, I made the little bit shorter drive down 35.  That road is just not safe.  It's small, one lane for each direction and there are always wrecks.  I say it all the time and I'll say it again because I believe it's a valuable tidbit that my great grandfather said when I was a kid and I don't think enough people do it but...  Driving down a highway like that, if you keep to the white line on the right, it leaves so much more space between you and the car in the other lane.  I think it's one of those things like using the left lane to pass that people just refuse to do.  I was behind a guy on the way to Alvin and there was a dump truck in front of him.  This guy kept trying to pass but couldn't.  The dump truck finally slowed down with his right blinker on and this guy started to pass him ON THE SHOULDER.  Luckily for him he caught on before he spent the rest of his evening at the hospital.  Also lucky for him that I didn't have to give a statement because I would have let anyone know how erratic his driving had been up to that point.  Anyway, I made it to Aldi and came back home down 35 with an SUV tailing me the entire way.  There was also a car in front of me so passing wasn't really an option.  Once we got close to Angleton, the road was down to one lane so I turned right to bypass the town... so did he.  As my lane was merging into his, he started to speed up to cut me off but it didn't work.  We traveled down the road until my left turn came.  I turned my blinker on, slowed down and as I made my turn, the guy had the nerve to HONK AT ME.  Now, I pretty much keep my language family friendly but if there's not a crowd and my road rage strikes (which strikes pretty hard), I will flip somebody off.  So that's what he got.  Of course the whole way home I thought about what I should have done instead but it was too late.  He was gone and managed to get me worked up.  I made it home and unloaded my groceries and started to make my chicken salad.  You know what is good at clearing your head?  Cutting and chopping.  So I did.

There's something about it that I like.  It can be calming.  It helped so I kept on and made my chicken salad.

And that, folks, has been my day so far.

And how about those blog changes?  I don't know if I'm totally satisfied but of all the new colors and designs I've looked at so far, this has been my favorite.  I could pay a few dollars and get a different one but I'm way to indecisive to make that bold of a move.  For now I'll keep what's up until I come across something different that suits whatever my mood is at the time. 

Now I'm just hoping I can stay motivated to get a few things done before the afternoon lazies hit.  That's been happening lately.  Yesterday it hit at 2:45.  I'm hoping for at least 6:00 today.  Wish me luck.

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