i think i waited too

long to eat and take a nasal decongestant.  I had a lot of running around to do this morning and my head is paying for it.  I had to drop Strat off at the vet because, well, he's having a bit of an issue.  I'm hoping it's something simple that meds can fix because if it's an attitude problem, I don't have time for cat therapy... or a major health crisis.  He is down a few pounds though.  The last we weighed him, he was 32 pounds.  Today he's at 22.4.  I guess not using that "eat whenever you want" canister has paid off.

That new cake recipe I tried out yesterday didn't turn out so hot and it might've all been my fault.  I tried this recipe I found on Pinterest.  I probably messed up when I put it in one 9" pan instead of two but it would've been so thin if divided.  Since I had all the batter in one pan, it took longer to bake.  When the time was up I checked and the middle was runny so I dropped the temp to 300.  I checked it a bit later and it looked nice.

I could tell the edges were overdone though.  See how easily that knife slides right through the middle?

It wasn't like that on the edges.

The knife just wanted to smash the edges down.  Oh well, the cake had a good flavor (I added almond instead of vanilla) but I think I'll just go back to the drawing board.  I've got a few more recipes I'll try before I need to bake the real deal on Saturday.  I stopped by Kroger this morning to replenish some of my baking supplies so we'll see how it all turns out.

Now for some good news.  My headache is just about gone.  Either the sinus meds are kicking in or that lunch I just had was the answer.  I think it might've been the salami I added to my ham sandwich, or the Chili Cheese Fritos.  Now I'm going to get back on my chores and baking.  It should be so much easier without my head throbbing.  I'll keep the chips on standby.

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