good news in the

world of dog meds.  The Trifexis went over really well with Maggie and Archer.  I let the pills sit out for two days and with them being cut up with half the dose covered in cheese and the other half covered in peanut butter, they gobbled it up like candy.  Now I just need to do that all the time.  I wonder if it'd make Strat's meds any easier to go down.

I got my NOLA painting back from Michael's.  I had an issue with it but I won't point it out because so far, nobody else has noticed except me.  Anyway, I went in and talked to them about getting it framed.  I found the perfect frame.  Have you ever priced custom framing?  Sheesh.  They were having a sale for 70% off.  He did let me know that it was going to cost more because "see that purple band around it?" Yes.  "That means it's Premier and one of the more expensive frames."  That's usually how it works for me.  Here's a little fun fact.  Dodo took me shopping for China and we were looking at patterns on display at Chesney's.  Dodo told me to pick the one I liked best so I did.  Donna Ruth, the owner of Chesney's, commented that it was the most expensive pattern they had.  At that point Dodo patted (that doesn't sound right, patted. Pat? Patted? The internet grammar police say it's patted so I'll go with it) me on the back and said, "good girl"... that's Dodo for you.  Now back to the frame, I found a few lower priced ones but nothing looked as good as that first one.  So guess how much a custom frame for a 22x22 inch canvas costs at 70% off.  $250.  Oh, but at first it was $350 until he realized I didn't need the glass on it.  I didn't do it.  Sure, it was pretty and when you think of it as basically a fixture in the house, it makes sense to pay good money for something custom like that.  Here's where my problem is, what if I want to move it and that frame doesn't look good in the new spot?  Then I would have spend $250 for the painting to look awesome while it temporarily hangs near the dining table.  Since I'm so indecisive, I decided to go without for now.

Here it is, taking the last spot of wall space at the entry.

And now a panoramic view

That was something I accomplished on my headache free Tuesday, getting that painting on the wall.  For my headache free Wednesday I spent some time at the car dealer for one of those periodic checkups.  That really makes for a wasted day.  I hate sitting there and waiting.  I especially hate waiting when everyone around me is sniffling, sneezing and coughing.  Why can't people be more considerate?  Sure, it might just be allergies but even so, don't do that.  I don't even like going around people when I might appear to be contagious.  Same goes for the people who take their sick kids to the grocery store.  I understand there are situations where kids have to go while you pick up their prescriptions or whatever but in that case, don't let them wander off and play in the toy section (contaminating all the toys that will be purchased and taken home for other kids to play with) while you wait... another story for another day.

Now I'm off to research a lens.

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