it's like it's all

going to even itself out this morning.  (which is much better than it could be)

Bad news: I'm not feeling the best.
Good news: My appointment with the eye doctor was actually today and not later so I got to cancel it.

Bad news: The only cold ginger ale I had was a flat 2 liter.
Good news: I have plenty of cold Coke and I put more ginger ale in to get cold.

Bad news: These Kroger brand graham crackers aren't as good as Honey Maid.
Good news: At least they're the ones with cinnamon.

Bad news: I have a long list of things I'd planned to do today.
Good news: What doesn't happen today can always happen tomorrow, no biggie.

I was going to talk about the late breakfast we had at Snooze after the museum on Friday but I don't think the stomach can handle it right now.  Maybe tomorrow.  For now I'll hit the snooze button on Snooze.  Like how I did that?

Instead I'll talk about a couple of other things.  First, I sold raffle tickets in Sweeny and West Columbia yesterday.  They're big rivals when it comes to football and maybe other things I guess but I know they have their big Battle of the Bernard every year.  After I did pretty well at selling tickets in Sweeny, I thought I'd egg on the WC Facebook people by telling them how they shouldn't let Sweeny outdo them.  But... they did.  WC was defeated by Sweeny.  Heck, I was even wearing a maroon shirt (WC's color) and Sweeny still stepped up. After the WC shift, I had to go back to Sweeny for another shift.  I decided on the way over there I'd 1) have to invest in more blue shirts and 2) get lunch in their town to give some support back to them.  That whole lunch thing was easier said than done though.  I think there were three restaurants open yesterday, that's including Sonic (where I did get a drink from earlier) and Subway.  The third was a seafood restaurant and when I had the idea to stop for lunch I meant pick something up, not sit there and eat with the town.  I'd been standing around outside perspiring all morning.  I just wanted to grab a bite and head home.  So... I stopped in WC for BBQ on the way home.  Sorry, Sweeny.  But I'd like to let Sweeny know that it really wasn't the best and had their BBQ place been open, I DEFINITELY would have stopped there.

On Saturday the new light for Dodo's painting came in.  I hooked it up and then realized the stupidest thing.  The switch to turn it on is maybe a foot from the plug.  That means that unless I get an extension cord for the length, I'll have to move the buffet every time I want to turn that thing on or off.  Needless to say, I'm attaching an extension cord today.  The light is okay and unlike the other one, it works.

I just realized I have to go to Lake Jackson today.  That can't be put off until tomorrow because the cats are out of food.  I think I might as well stop for tortillas while I'm there and just make tacos tonight.  Sounds easy enough.  Oh well, I'll go try to convince myself I feel like going. ugh. This won't be easy.

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