the good news is

Strat has a bladder infection.  The bad news is, Strat has a bladder infection.  I say it's good news because as I mentioned yesterday, I don't really have the time or understanding of cat therapy for behavioral issues... like that would be an option.  The bad news is he's on antibiotics for 12 days and then he has to go get retested.  That's 2 1/4 pills a day for 12 days.  While I was at the vet's office, I picked up Maggie and Archer's Trifexis for fleas and heartworm.  I wrestled with them a couple of months ago and the vet tech recommended opening the pill and letting it air out for a day or so before giving it to them.  I tried that last month and still had to wrestle them.  This time I'm letting them air out longer and I've cut the pills (in half for Maggie and quarters for Archer).  Once they've aired out I'll put a dab of peanut butter on them or wrap them in cheese.  Although last month, with the full size pill, they managed to eat the cheese and spit the pill out.  Wish me luck... lots of luck.

I probably should have found out who manufactures all these meds and invested early on.  While we're on the topic of could've, should've, would've, I probably should have gone to vet school.

I also took a Zyrtec D as soon as I woke up this morning.  While that headache went away yesterday, it came back around 2:30 in the afternoon.  It wasn't playing around either.  It was totally kicking my butt.  I took an antihistamine, had some caffeine and put a washcloth with peppermint oil over my nose and mouth.  I woke up on defense today.  I decided I'd make time and eat something.  Here's what sucks.  Every morning Cosme has an egg and a couple of sausage links with toast and orange juice.  Today I popped a Jimmy Dean sandwich in the microwave.  He ate and left.  This was the one morning where I actually would've eaten an egg.  Normally 5:00 is too early to be hungry but man that egg sounded good.  I hate those Jimmy Dean sandwiches and wasn't about to dirty up the egg pan so I psyched myself up for a piece of peanut butter toast.  Now let's all hope that works.  Seeing how yesterday's headache made me feel almost totally out of commission, I've started attacking my chores early today.  I'm at it strong and hard this morning.

More good news is I probably won't bake another cake today.  I was happy with the one I made yesterday.  It's three layered but I cut into one of the layers so I could figure out the best frosting for it.  I'm keeping that one for us and I'm looking for a home for the two-layered cake that's left.  I have go by the church today so I think I might see if they'll eat it in the office.

Vanilla cake with almond buttercream frosting

I'm signing off and getting back to TCB.  I won't let another headache stand in the way of what needs to be done around here today.

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