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so much better today, I'll tell you about our breakfast at Snooze.  A while back I'd read that it was about to open in Houston so you know what that means, don't even think about trying it out for a while.  We gave it a while and then a little bit longer.  Before we'd even planned on our museum visit Friday, I woke up deciding we'd go to Snooze.  Actually, my plan was to leave the house by 7:00 so we could try and beat the (if any) Friday morning crowd.  Then I checked the museum's website and saw those onsite tickets and that totally put the early Snooze plans on the back burner.  So, we drove down the street to Snooze after the museum.  There were no spots available in their lot but we only had to circle the block a few times before finding a spot.  After the second time to circle, I asked Cosme if he wanted to just eat somewhere else.  He said no that since we were already there, he wanted to stay.  Part of me wondering if this is really what was going on in his head, I know it was halfway going through mine.

*replace all the fun, vacation and Marty Moose references with pancakes and breakfast

We ended up parking a couple of blocks down the road, which really wasn't that bad.  The place was full but there was only a 15-20 minute wait.  We could have waited outside and played some of the games they have set up but standing room only with a/c was a better option.  We saw a couple get up from the bar and decided we'd just eat there.

I had the Hill Country Mule while Cosme had one of their mimosas.  I'd been wanting to try some of their pancakes, like the peach pie pancakes, blueberry danish pancakes or pineapple upside down pancakes but I chose the breakfast pot pie instead.  It's rosemary sausage gravy over a puff pastry and topped with an egg. 

It was so good.  Cosme had the Havana Daydreaming sandwich.  It was pork, ham, gruyere, pickles and an egg with dijon hollandaise on a hoagie roll.

It was awesome.

Of course I didn't think we could leave without trying a pancake so we shared a cinnamon roll pancake.  (Seen in the background of my sandwich).  We were stuffed and totally happy with our decision to stick around and circle the block a few times.  That parking spot we eventually found down the road?  Yeah, well, that was much needed after we ate.

Mine.  After.

There's a mummy exhibit opening at The Museum of Natural Science on the 24th that I'm excited to see.  Maybe we need to plan to go see it and try some of the pancakes afterwards.

All this talk has me wanting something bready and sweet.  Maybe I'll get some dough rising and cream cheese softened.  By the time my roast is done in the oven, it'd be time to put something else in.  I like where this is headed but I wonder if I have all the other ingredients.  I guess there's only one way to find out.

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