what can i

say?  I've been busy.  I had a post going and left the house and never finished it.  Like I said, I've been busy.  I had birthday stuff going on, I've had raffle ticket stuff going on, I've had doctor appointments going on and then there's all the regular stuff that was also going on.

Want to hear some good news?  I'm all checked out and healthy.  And the B word I was fearing from the eye doctor?  He suggested a new type of lens that's "made for people our age who aren't quite ready" for the B word.  It's some new technology thing that helps all the strain on your eyes from computers and all the gadgets it takes to survive in today's world.  I should have my new glasses in a few days.

Oh, the dentist said everything looks good and to keep doing what I'm doing.  (I'm assuming he means the routine I started 3 weeks before my appointment.)

I did walk away from all of that with one prescription but it's just for vitamin D, a rather large dose at 50,000 whatevers with one a week for eight weeks, but it's just a vitamin.  After the 8 weeks I'll start taking a smaller, non-prescription strength daily.  I'm okay with that.  One thing I did read after researching what all vitamin D deficiency can bring on is that it might be linked to my skin and stomach issues, which always show up together.  I'm hoping that's the answer.

So the doctor visits are done and the church bazaar is next weekend which means the end of raffle ticket duties.  Hopefully everything will start slowing down after that... hopefully.

Today I'm going to try out a new recipe.  I'll need to get other stuff baked during the week too since I signed up to bring baked goods for the bazaar's cake walk.  Today's recipe is just one I want to try out before putting my name on and turning it in.  Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to share pictures of a wonderful cake that looks as good as it tastes.  Maybe.

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