i think i'm going

to need a bigger calendar.  A while back I mentioned how I was looking into a bullet journal.  While I didn't go and buy one, I adjusted a spiral notebook to fit my needs and loosely based it on a bullet journal.  It works for me.  If you aren't sure what a bullet journal is, it's too much for me to describe but you can find out here. The quote on the site says it all.  "The analog system for the digital age"  I've mentioned before that I'm a little bit obsessed with the details (needing my multiple lists) and then there's how I prefer to operate out of a spiral notebook.  So I guess while I don't actually use a bullet journal, the stuff I've read on them has helped me to organize my thoughts and lists in my spiral notebook.  Oh, it's also given me a good reason to buy colored pens.  So back to what I was saying, I might need a bigger notebook.  Or maybe I just need to write smaller?  Or maybe just not be such a busy gal? 

Pinterest sent out an email asking for volunteers for some beta testing program they want feedback on.  I figured I'm on it enough so sure, I'll try it.  Then they added the fine print.

Pinterest has obviously never had a conversation with me.  I don't even know how many Christmas and birthday presents I've let slip on accident.  Sure, I'm no good at keeping that kind of secret but even when I'm doing a great job I usually accidentally slip and ruin something.  So if I do it and accidentally spill the beans, please don't tell on me.

I was looking through my iPad and found some old pictures.

This was our holding pattern before landing in London.

It's crazy and making me dizzy.

I did a screen shot of this because I misread it.  I thought "kids" was "AIDS".

That was a little heavy and maybe a bit harsh.

And then there's Lucille reacting.  The top is Faith No More blaring on the speakers.  The bottom is Food Network.
That's Lucille for you.  She's so unlike Strat, who enjoys Metallica and The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Now I'm off to make a bigger calendar to make note of all the doctor appointments I have coming up.  I guess writing smaller won't be an option.

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