we made a quick trip to

Arlington Saturday for a fun night of embracing our inner white trash. 

I don't care how classy you are, we've all got a little bit deep down.  We lasted a little past midnight... rebels, I know.  When the sun came up Sunday morning though, I was wishing I'd called it a night a little earlier.  Dang.  I wasn't feeling too hot.  I couldn't breathe and had a sinus headache so I took a Zyrtec D.  My stomach was really bothering me so I didn't eat anything or drink any caffeine.  We stopped at Lauren's to pick some stuff up and she fixed me one of her concoctions and a few burps later, I was feeling a little better.  Since my stomach was bothering me and I didn't want to eat to trigger anything, all that did was keep my head throbbing.  I figured I could either eat something and have some caffeine to stop the headache or I could deal with the headache and make the chance of a bathroom stop a little less likely.  I dealt with the headache.  Thank goodness Cosme was feeling better than me.  He drove us most of the way and I finally had him pull into a McDonalds somewhere on Houston's north side.  We got food and caffeine and swapped seats.  While it didn't solve my problem, it started working at it right away.  I didn't even bother stopping by Eric's and dropping off the stuff we'd hauled back for him.  We had one thing on the brain: HOME.  Well, two things: HOME and BED.  Well, I guess TV too but if you think about it, bed and tv are all part of being home so I guess we had one thing on the brain: HOME.  Once we got here we changed and plopped.  A short nap later and I was in much better shape, looking for my next meal.

So we made it back home safe and sound without any emergencies and it looks like the rain is back from vacation as well.  (Which I'm sure will make it feel even less like yesterday's awesome Arlington morning air and more like the steaming soup pot we're used to.)  I've been watering so much but you really can't tell.  I'm ready for this rain and today's the perfect day for it.  I don't have anywhere to be and I just need to unpack and wash clothes.  It all sounds like the perfect combo.  Give me a little thunder without any crazy power-interrupting lightning and I'll be good.  Wait.  Why is the sun coming out now?  (sigh...)  Oh well, so much for that plan.  I guess I'm off to do laundry with the blinds open so I can watch the grass bake a little more.  Green grass is overrated.  (insert eye roll here)

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