today's one of those

days where you realize something you were scheduled for tonight, that you didn't think you'd be able to make because you found out something else was going on that might run over, is actually scheduled for tomorrow.  Oh, it's also one of those days that starts off like this

Well, I'm using it for a recipe.  But... today is one of those days where you realize you bought more than enough so you might as well have Hershey's with almonds for breakfast, but I'm not.  I already had oatmeal... and a bite of Hershey's with almonds.  Speaking of which, Quaker has upped its game since my last round of oatmeal comparisons.  Walmart must have quit stocking the Cinnamon Roll oatmeal again because there wasn't a spot for it.  I ended up getting Quaker and I think it might be better than Great Value now.  A win for me and an update to my oatmeal notes.

So, back to the candy bars.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for graham cracker toffee.  Right now it's sitting under foil so the chocolate will melt and then it's going into the fridge.  I'll let you know how it turned out tomorrow.

Oh well, time to be productive or I'll be worn out and stressing about it later.

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