i had a wonderful idea

over the weekend.  Remember those rolls of Grandma's I made last week?  Well, without the correct amount of salt, they were sweeter than normal.  And since it's such a small batch, only making about a dozen rolls, I thought I'd experiment...

Oh yeah.  Donuts.  Well, wonky donuts cut with martini and shot glasses.  Hey, a girl's gotta make do.

This is not an actual donut, only where the donut came from.  They weren't THAT wonky.

The actual donuts were covered with icing.

I didn't care for it.  The icing needed more flavor.  It needs work.

But those holes were a different story with their powdered sugar.

Beignet, anyone?  Why yes, thank you.  I'll take five or so.

Then I bit down and thought I might need a dentist.  So today I've decided to face everything I dread and have made all the doctor appointments I've been putting off.  My eye appointment is the last one and it's two days after my birthday.  Wow.  September is going to be a swell month.  It's sad when all I want for my birthday is to get past the doctor appointments.  ugh.  I can't wait for October.  But you're probably wondering why I would possibly dread going to the eye doctor.  First of all, it's a doctor visit and I hate any and all sorts.  Second, and this is the big reason, I think it's time I take the next step in vision correction.  No, I'm not talking about any kind of surgery, I'm talking about the dreaded B word.  I told my doctor on my last visit I could tell my eyes were getting a little worse and what everybody warned me about was finally starting to happen.  You know, where you can't see so well up close with regular glasses on?  So I told him I wasn't ready for the B word yet.  I mean my grandmother wore the B word!  He told me not to worry that it's normal and they don't even get called by the B word anymore, they're "progressive" lenses.  So now I just feel part old and part shallow.  I guess if having to wear the B word is my biggest problem then I've got it made.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll round up some friends and head to the mall to hang out for a while and find out where the party is this weekend.  Maybe we can get pizza by the slice or Orange Julius and discuss how cool being 43 is.

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