a few random facts

for Tuesday:
   I've done my research and Great Value is the best cinnamon instant oatmeal I've found.  I'm picky about my cinnamon oatmeal so notes should be taken.

For a while it was impossible to find and I just ate my last packet so I'll have to fight the rain and make a trip to Walmart today if I want some for tomorrow's breakfast, assuming they still have some.

If your refrigerator takes on a wonderful citrus smell, you might want to make sure you closed the OJ.

Doth thou poketh me?

No because "poketh" isn't a word.

If I ever need a sticker family for the back of my car, the truck stop has one.

When stuffing envelopes and you run out of box space, a cake pan will do the trick.

And finally, the new seafood restaurant was pretty good

But too much on my plate was fried, which my stomach didn't appreciate

So I had to come home and settle my stomach with the usual.  Frosted Flakes work almost every time.

One last fact:
I could use a Coke right now.

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