yesterday turned out

to be one of those days where I take a step back and consider finding and waving a white flag to acknowledge that I've been defeated by the animals. (sigh...) make that a double (sigh...) I recorded a quick little video of Archer for Eric.  My point was to show him his dog crying to get out of the gate and catch him attempting to dig under the gate.  It's like there was something on the other side egging him on.  And why is he so stubborn?  Then I thought for a second.  Why wasn't Maggie there with him?  I went to check the other window to see what was causing his reaction.  Simple.  It was Maggie.  I opened the garage door and she came running in with her muddy paws.  Wonderful.  I put her in the cage and then let Archer in with her.  They've been in there since about 4:00 yesterday, minus bathroom breaks.  (sigh...)  Today I HAVE to figure out where the wire fence is broken and get dirt or something to fill in the hole she dug under the other gate.

It's hard to make it out but that's the escape route.  Sheesh.
I really need the fence up and running but those collars start stinking SO bad.  I want to wave that white flag but I can't.  I have to figure something out.  Why are my dogs so stubborn?  And why does Maggie all of a sudden feel she HAS to get out?  Being the leader, why can't she set a better example for Archer?  (sigh...)  Why can't they go easy on me?  The escapes, the critter killings, this sudden phase of rebellion... [Hangs head in defeat]

I really didn't need to have to worry about the fence today.  I have so much other stuff to do.  We sold raffle tickets last night and I have to go turn all that stuff in while I'm picking up more tickets for the weekend.  I really needed to go to the grocery store and make a trip to Pearland.  I'm not doing anything in the yard until I least take care of the raffle tickets.  I guess groceries and Pearland can wait until I know the dogs are set.

In other news, I bought a new bedspread a few months ago.  It's solid grey.  I've been looking around for pillows to go with it.  My thought was blue, mainly navy with maybe a hint of royal.  I was talking about it yesterday with Lauren and then it hit me.  If I go with that color combination, it'll look like I have a Dallas Cowboys bedroom.  (Is it too soon to hang my head in defeat again?)

Don't get me wrong, we like the Dallas Cowboys.  They're our team and we like to represent but we are also not 9-year-old boys and my bedroom is not a man cave.  Maybe these two pillows I bought yesterday will make it less Dallas Cowboys and more, I don't know, not so much like a football team?  (Unless it's a football team with silvery faux alligator-ish details somewhere in that uniform)

I haven't even held them up to the bedspread yet but I'm really hoping they'll blend... with the blue and white I still have my heart set on.

Sounds like it's time for Archer's bathroom break.  Does anybody have a white flag I can borrow?

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