i have several things i

need to be doing and sitting at this computer is isn't one of them.  I could've gone to Houston to take Eric's stuff to him but I didn't.  I even made a strawberry cake yesterday and instead of doing it in one large pan, I divided it up into 2 small ones so I could split it with him.  Maybe there'll be some left by the time I make it over there.  I could be taking a much needed nap right now and I'm not even doing that.  I could be making a trip to the grocery store to buy more Coke since there's only one left in the refrigerator.  But no, I think I'll wait until I'm completely out so I'll have something to complain about.  I could even be on FB but... ugh... we all know that I'm about three steps from deactivating myself there.  (Not deleting, just deactivating.)  Maybe until the election is over or even until I get a nice little break and breath of fresh air.  I don't know.  I go back and forth on this.  I guess if people really need me to see their pictures or tell me something they could text or email.  Right?  But then there are a few people who I hadn't heard from for a LONG time until FB came around so it's really my only outlet to them.  Oh well.  I guess it doesn't matter.  It's just social media, it's not like it's my real life that's happening right now in front of my face.  It's not like I have dinner with FB every night.

So yeah, there are quite a few other things I could be doing right now.  You know what?  My back is starting to ache a little from sitting here.  I guess I'll take that as a hint.

Oh, and here's a picture of my shadow.

Strat has been following me everywhere.  As I type this, he's sitting at my feet.  He's just a big baby... a big baby who's about to be disappointed because I'm getting up now.

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