today was awfully

close to being a wasted day.  Not that I'm capable of wasting a day away with it not even being 9am yet, because believe me, the potential is still there.  What I mean is today almost had a written excuse, a stay in bed all day pass, a legitimate reason for nothing happening.  Last night The Cult opened for Guns n Roses in Arlington.  Sure, it's a 4 hour drive but I repeat, The Cult... opening for Guns n Roses... in the home of the Dallas Cowboys.  It pretty much had epic written all over it.  The only thing is, we decided not to go.  Yeah, it was all going to be last minute and a lot of money and a lot of worn out driving and a lot of paying for it today.  So we decided against it.  At 3:00, the time we would've left, I was kicking myself for not taking Cosme up on it BUT at 9:15, when we were both yawning and about to pass out, I was thanking myself for not convincing him it was a great idea.  So as I sit here and type this, munching on toast and oatmeal while not feeling like a hungover zombie (and why is it no sleep feels like a hangover?), I can continue to watch YouTube videos posted by the people who paid the money, fought the traffic and probably feel like hungover zombies today.

Now that I've talked about how awesome today is, let's talk about how not awesome Monday and Tuesday were.  I think instead of writing detail by grueling detail, I'll just list the facts.

  • I woke up to the smell of death on the back porch.
  • The dogs killed another possum.
  • On the bright side, I found out that animal control will dispose of the bodies.
  • Maggie got loose as the dog catcher pulled up.
  • Archer tried to follow and yanked me to the ground, leaving me lying in the front yard holding on tight to his leash with a sore knee and hand.
  • Everyone made it to the backyard minus a possum.
  • Fleas.
  • Archer made it to his early vet appointment, with the vet asking where I found the chicken costume for a lab.
  • Maggie made it to her afternoon vet appointment, which is one of her favorite places.
  • I noticed one of the dogs punctured the driver's seat in my car.
  • I had to basically wrestle both dogs to get them to take their flea/heartworm meds, ending with me clamping their mouths shut while blowing in their faces.
  • Several times during all of that the dogs got loose in the house.
  • And then there's the cats, just being cats.

I really need to get that fence wire back up and running as well as the collars to go with.

And in case you can't make out what is going on here, I've blown it up making it bigger but blurrier.  They want me to feel sorry for them and let them out.

I need this shirt but I also need a dog version.  It applies to all the animals here.

Thinking about it all is bringing on a headache.  I'm stopping while I'm ahead and maybe make this Coke a little more useful by washing down a headache remedy of some sort.

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