and then came friday

and our last minute decision to see Guns n Roses in Houston.  I still cannot get over how good they are live, especially Axl Rose.  He was running all over the stage and was never short of breath.  Also, he sings the mess out of their songs.  I know I'm a huge fan of The Cult but I really think Guns n Roses has ruined all future concerts for me.  They performed like they were there to earn every penny of their paychecks.  Other than the blisters on my feet, the 5 seconds of disappointment when we realized the online venue map was wrong and we weren't on Slash's side of the stadium and the uber expensive Uber, it was great.

Here are a few of the pictures.

And here are a couple of video clips just to sample how they sounded.

And then a sample of the Pink Floyd cool down so they could wheel the piano to the front for Knockin' on Heaven's Door and November Rain.

We made it home at 3:00.  There's no way we could've survived the show in Arlington.  Guns n Roses set alone was 2 hours and 45 minutes.  I don't know how they do it.  I was ready to sit 4 songs in... and I did, but we lasted the entire time and are glad we went.  It was really awesome.  Now to make plans for this weekend!

Oh wait, I just realized the sun's up.  I need to check the yard for a dead possum.  I saw its hair on the porch and I'm hoping he lived and escaped once the dogs came in for the night.  I've got to investigate before the sun and stench hit.

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