you know what's

crazy?  In the past when I've been so busy, I've totally neglected the blog.  Lately I've been really busy but I've managed to keep up over here.  Hmm... Maybe it's because I've worked it into my routine?  Maybe because Eric's moved out and there's one (or two) less loads of laundry to do?  Maybe it's because of this creative rut I've been in so I'm not preoccupied with anything like that?  Maybe it's because I've become so underimpressed (is that even a word?) with so much happening on FB that I've put all that extra social media energy into this?  But wait, I'm just as busy with Instagram so that theory doesn't fit.  I don't know.  I do know I've been pretty consistent and I'm okay with that.  I feel so organized and on top of things.  Maybe that's the answer!  I'm so on top of things that I'm not overwhelmed with my to-do list and voilà... here's a post!  Yeah, but I'm sure the other things have a small part to play as well.

Anyway... I used Grandma's yeast roll recipe but I did it a little differently.  Instead of rolling them out and cutting them with a biscuit cutter to bake in a muffin tin (as seen looking very yellow here), I just made little balls like this

I still let them rise for a while.

I baked them on a little lower of a temp and reduced it more after a little bit.  And Instead of pulling them out of the oven after the 12 minutes, I turned the oven off and let them sit in there a little longer.  They came out like this

Perfect.  Well, perfect except for the fact that other than coarse sea salt and kosher salt, my only form of salt was a grinder so I didn't really get an accurate measurement for that.  Live and learn but hey, at least I had salted butter.  Right?

In animal news, I heard whimpering yesterday and looked under the table.  One of the cats was having a bad dream but they each had their own chair.

You know, if I were say... more like a cat and wanted to be a jerk, I could've slammed my fist on the table and woke everybody up.  But I didn't.  Maybe the cats should take notes.

Now I'm off.  I've got places to go and people to see.  More specifically, I need to run to a few stores and pick up some raffle tickets to sell tonight.  I guess I could dry my hair too.

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