today is

Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.  Not only is there no meat today but it's a day of fasting.  Well, there is one meal allowed and a couple of snacks (but those snacks put together shouldn't equal a meal).  Anyway, that's that.  We usually save our Ash Wednesday meals for dinner and go to La Casona for shrimp.  I've decided to give up morning television for Lent.  By morning television, I mean the tv is off until noon.  No catching up on dvr, no news, nothing.  I usually like to eat breakfast and clean with the tv on and then I usually get distracted way too easily. 

Speaking of the news, I watched the news the other day and saw that Wednesday was going to be sunny and all the rain would have passed.  Not so.  And apparently, a cool front came through too.  So much for that morning walk.  I wonder if it counts if I check their website for the weather.  Hmm.
If that light glowing across the driveway was the sun peeking out from behind a cloud, I'd think the forecasters were right.  That, my friends, is only a street light.  Oh well...

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