my clementine tree

has held up through the windy days we've had.  I think it's had a little luck.

The strawberries are doing fine too, thank you for asking.

Sometimes I get on a roll and I just have to go with it.  I made cream horns on Saturday.  I love cream horns.  I used my molds for the first time and I also used my cannoli molds for the first time too.  I had horns and tubes and the great part was, they were so much smaller than last time (or even store bought, at that), that when you had one it was only a couple of bites.  Store bought cream horns are about 5 inches long and probably 2 inches in diameter.  When you want some, you think you can just cut off a little bite.  Before you know it you feel guilty because you've eaten the whole thing.  Not these.  These smaller versions made eating a whole pastry not feel so wrong.  (Well, until you've had three...)  So I started off the weekend with cream horns (oh yeah, I also baked a sheet cake for church on Friday) and last night I finished it off with pizza.  I was happy.  And between getting these pictures from my phone to the computer and starting this post, I already had to pull it out and have a piece.

Here are the remains of the pepperoni.

And here's the pepperoni, mushroom and bell pepper as it came out of the oven.  If I stare too long, I'll have to break down and get another piece.  I WILL NOT STARE.

Okay.  Maybe just a little sliver of a piece will do it.  Maybe that and a cream horn?

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