so when we

were on vacation, I asked for someone to send me pictures of the fence.  My aunt emailed me a few.  I've probably never mentioned it, okay, maybe I have mentioned it a few hundred times (as if it wasn't obvious already) but I'm a worrier.  So my aunt sends me a couple of pictures.  Here's one.

Oh, not only am I a worrier but I also LOVE jumping to conclusions.  So not only was I worried about the gap at the bottom of my fence but I just knew they weren't going to give me a gate.  Anyway, I'd paid them half and the other half was to be paid upon completion.  I wasn't here when they finished so I told them when I'd be back so they could come by to collect their check.  We hurried home to inspect the fence before they got here.  It was complete with gate and all... even a big gap at the bottom.  I found a couple of other things that needed attention and let the man know when he got here.  We left for our concert and I figured he would call me back the next day with their plans of coming to fix my short list.  I was wrong.  Driving home the next morning and never getting the call I'd expected, I knew I'd need to call them when I got home.  Guess what.  We pulled up in the driveway later that morning and the fence was finished.

Now, for the thing I don't get.  Remember how I tried to contact the neighbors three times?  Ends up, according to the fence guys who heard it from the neighbor's yard guy, they were happy with it.  Now, if you think for one second I'm coming up with a few different "real" stories in my head and over analyzing them, you are 100% correct.

For the record, I think it's from a song but the whole "99 problems and (fill in the blank) ain't one" saying is slowly becoming my motto.  (At least I'm working really hard at it.)  In this case, it's "the neighbors".  We came home and enjoyed our privacy.  On our vacation we picked up a couple of wooden paddles and a ball.  I don't know if it'd be considered beach tennis minus the net or paddle ball or what.  Either way, this whole strip of land that once would never have been used was spent with us, Eric and a couple of Eric's friends playing that game.  The end.

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