today's the day

the posts will be set.  I called the fence company yesterday.  The city never told them the green tag was issued... blah, blah, blah.  Anyway, they're coming today.  Yesterday a guy knocked on the door.  He was in a uniform and had his truck parked out front.  If I didn't have so much stuff going on, I more than likely wouldn't have answered the door.  (Similar to my neighbors...)  He said he was there to check for utility lines and asked for access to the back yard and if any dogs were back there.  (I should also mention I noticed little red flags placed along the back fence line earlier.)  He went on back and during this time Cosme's texting me for fence updates.  "Where are they?"  "Have they started?"  I already told him about the red flags so I thought I'd add that a guy just came to the door wanting to check our backyard for utility lines.  I was already being vague and thought I'd mess around with him.

At this point I was laughing really hard because I could imagine what was going through his head. Yes, I know there are plenty of companies that use Acme but I also know what Cosme thinks of when he hears Acme.  He also knows how I am with situations like this and how I normally don't even answer the door.  After this came "Acme????? Like in Looney Tunes??????"  I followed with "I don't know.  I don't ever watch that."  I finally told him I was kidding and told him what the company was really called.

As for the neighbors, I went back over and they still didn't answer.  Same thing happened again.  Not long after I left, they drove away.  And for the icing on this cake, their yard guy came yesterday and mowed as if there weren't fence posts sticking out of the ground.  I was watching as he did several laps around my tree.  Whatever.  Next time he'll have to open the gate to have access.

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