the fence should be

completed today.  The posts were set yesterday and they came exactly where I wanted them, only taking out one bush on the side.

I'll run out and take a pic before they get here.  If the neighbor's yard guy doesn't have a push mower, he won't be able to get between their air conditioner and my fence.  I don't even think that will work.  He might just need the weed eater.  I don't know.

In other news, I have so much to do today and am so far behind.  I've told myself that I can do this post but then I have to get busy.  You know how I'm the person that usually has lists within lists within lists to prepare for things?  I've got nothing.  You know how I'm the person that whether taking a weekend or week long trip, needs a folder with maps, reservations, directions, etc?  I've got nothing.  We're going on a little trip and I'm so far behind.  The good news is I washed my shoes and they're almost dry.

Looking at all the strings hanging off my shoes reminds me of my grandmother.  When I was young and Dodo still had her mind, I always felt like she was obsessed with trimming strings off things.  She could always spot a string hanging off something.  Not only could she always spot a string hanging off something of mine, but she always happened to have a pair of scissors with her.  It's like she was on string patrol or something.  Her going to trim one string off something usually turned into an inspection for more strings that needed trimming.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't think my grandmother was crazy but she didn't really like strings.  Speaking of which, I should probably go trim some of the strings off my shoes now.

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