i know i've

been going on and on about the fence and maybe seeming a little dramatic about the property line in relation to the neighbor's house.  Yesterday the fence guys came out to measure exactly where the property line is and put the corner posts in for the city to approve.  The city came out and gave me a green tag so I'm guessing the next step is to set those posts and build me a fence.  Anyway, back to the property line.  I went to the post along the back fence and looked straight ahead to the street.  (Remember, the property line does slant inward towards my house.  I'll reintroduce this picture as exhibit A for reference.)

Here's standing from that back point
You can see the front post way up there, 105' to be exact.  See how I'm standing behind the neighbor's house?  That's what all the fuss was about.  See how that tree did end up being on my property?  It shouldn't be any problem as far as the fence is concerned.  I went next door yesterday to let them know we're putting a fence up on the property line.  They didn't answer.  Thirty minutes later their car was gone.  I'm assuming they see the post since it's RIGHT THERE NEXT TO THEIR HOUSE and has a bright green sticker on it.  I might go back over there again this morning, I just don't know.

In case anyone is wondering, my fence will come to the house in between those two front windows.  Actually, I'm thinking it'll be closer to the front window.  (FYI, each time I just tried to type window, it first came out as winder.  That's definitely not how I'm pronouncing in my head.)

So this is an update on the fence.  Let's hope it's smooth sailing from here.

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