i went outside

yesterday to check on my strawberry plant and clementine tree.  They were long overdue for water.  I filled my jug and watered the strawberry plant and I nearly screamed.  I had a strawberry!

But wait, what's that little green blob back there?  It's another strawberry!

When Cosme got home I took him out there to see.  In addition to those two, I counted five little nubs on their way to strawberrydom.  I can't wait.  Seven strawberries!  I can almost garnish something!

I think the clementine tree might need a little more support.  It's starting to hunch over.

And I know I've gone on and on about the fence and my newly acquired shade tree but I've never posted any pictures from inside the fence.

I think I like this next version better though.

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wixlet said...

yes, I think you need a leeeetle more support for the clementine. Maybe just a taller bamboo stake.