i did part of

C25K yesterday.  I started day 1, week 1.  I got almost 12 minutes in but I had to stop for two reasons.  1) The air was cold and it was hurting.  I'm Melanie, not Rocky.  I can't handle that.  2) I had photography on my mind.  A lot of times I zone out when I'm planning or in deep thought.  That was yesterday and C25K was distracting me.  But you know what?  That's okay.  It's like I said yesterday, the exercise isn't going anywhere.  Plus, I stopped for Chinese food yesterday and my fortune cookie told me it was okay.

Also yesterday, I tried something.  A while back I mentioned how Zenfolio, who I have my website set up through, offers a blog to attach to your site.  While I did consider doing what many people do and combine the personal stuff with the business stuff, I'm deciding that's not really me.  I'm a pretty private person.  Sure, I have this blog but let's face it.  I don't push it.  (Have you read the About Me lately?)  I'm not trying to make a buck here.  This is a place to keep up with what's going on.  A journal.  A non-money-making journal...  A non-whoring-out-my-life-story journal...  An abuse-punctuation-how-you-wish journal.  I know it's odd when there are so many out there.  But believe it or not, this girl does it because she likes it, NOT because I'm trying to be the next blog star.  That's not me or what I'm about.  (I'm honestly going somewhere with this.)  So, Zenfolio offers a blog.  I've decided to try it out.  It won't have daily stuff like I've been doing here.  (I've been so consistent and I love it!)  It'll only have Lens Captured pictures with a little writeup.  Most of the time I only display a couple of pictures of an outing or event.  What I have in mind is maybe a picture in the gallery but all on display on the blog.  For example, I have one picture up from someone's portraits but with the blog I might put up 5-10 and fill the reader in on the situation.  It's just a test.  It won't be a daily thing.  It won't be a personal thing.  Heck, it might not even be a permanent thing.  It's a test.  But if you'd like to see how it's going, look HERE.

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