remember those two cats

that live here?  Lucille wanted to sit and bathe in the sun yesterday.

Strat thought it sounded like a good idea too.

Then he copied her and decided to just lie there, all clean in the sun.

Still chillin'.

"Hey.  'Sup?"

Then Lucille's attention was drawn to something outside.  Probably a bird?  (My attention was drawn to that big streaky smudge on the outside of the door.)

Then Strat resumed his role of Copy Cat.

Then they left and went to eat and I grabbed the Windex and cleaned the door.

Last night, between 7:30 and 8:00, I heard Maggie getting all worked up.  That dog had her head under the gate, trying to wiggle the rest of her body under... WITH THE FENCE COLLAR ON AND ACTIVE.  I guess I'm turning it up more today.  Anyway, I started banging on the window trying to get her to stop.  I went to the back door to let them both in the cage and the weather looked really bad.  I'm wondering if that's why she was freaking out.  As soon as I opened the back door, she came running in and Archer was practically jumping over her to get in too.

I took this picture looking out from the garage, it's NOT black and white.  I didn't have time to focus any better and before I could get another one, BOOM.  Lightning cracked and we came inside.  It was really, really creepy out there.

Ten minutes later the storm passed and that was that.  Today is supposed to be much prettier.  Now I just have to convince Maggie because she still won't go outside.

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