when I woke up this morning

I didn't think relief was possible.  My head was throbbing, I could barely breath and my teeth were pounding.  It was a really bad sinus headache with way too much pressure.  A Zyrtec D and washcloth with peppermint oil covering my nose later, I'm feeling pretty awesome.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a little bubble blowing fan from Walmart.  I finally got around to using it on Saturday and Archer loved it.  I got a video and here are some of the stills from that video.

I think it would be awesome to crop the bubbles out and hang this sign on the fence.  BEWARE OF DOG.

Maggie caught a few but wasn't as determined as Archer.  We did catch her doing a goofy little thing last night though.  There are holes showing up in the yard.  I looked out last night and saw Maggie with her front paws in one, kind of pouncing into it while walking her bag legs around the hole in a circle.  This went on for a few minutes and then she stopped and just stood there staring, with her front paws down in the hole and her back up on the ground.  Maybe she was dizzy from the spinning?  Then she decided she needed to rest and lie down .  Weirdo.

Now I'm off to TCB.  I'm going to take advantage of my Zyrtec D/peppermint oil combo and enjoy this headache-free morning as much as Archer enjoys bubbles and Maggie enjoys... whatever she was doing in the hole.

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