Cosme's birthday was last week

and the past few years he's asked for a lemon cake. 

This year he asked for chocolate.  I don't normally make chocolate cakes but when I do, it's sheet cakes.  I didn't want to try a new recipe for his birthday cake so I just played it safe and bought a mix.  I did make the frosting and it's VERY chocolatey.  I should've written down the recipe but with frosting, most of the time I just eyeball it, sample as I go and add what I feel like.  I'm not a big chocolate fan.  I don't hate it but I'm not one of the types who needs chocolate all the time.  Make note of "all the time".  Every once in a while the chocolate bug bites and I want some.  This frosting would be perfect for times like that. 

I dropped him off at work that morning but instead of taking the usual route home, I decided I'd head west, not east where everyone is fighting to get into town for work.  I headed to Grand Parkway which turns into Crabb River Road.  I called Cosme 15 minutes later, amazed that I had already gone under 59.  Fifteen minutes from Katy to Sugarland/Richmond/whatever.  Wow.  I went through the first light there at a newish shopping strip (I say new because it's only been there for about 10 years...) and Buc-ees and then I hit the traffic.  I just googled it to see but it's 3 miles from Buc-ees to the Exxon at the next light by the railroad tracks.  That took 25 minutes.  Twenty five minutes to go three miles.  Then I made it through the light and over the tracks.

It was something.  Oh well, once I passed the neighborhood up ahead on the right and the schools on the left, I left the traffic behind.  That's when I enjoyed taking the back roads with hardly any other cars on the road.  I brought my camera but as you can see by the picture, it was a dreary morning.  It's not like there was an awesome sunrise so I didn't stop.  Oh well, I kept on my way and took a left at the road to Brazos Bend and went through Rosharon since I knew there would be several gas stations coming up and I was running a little low.  I made it to Angleton before having to stop for gas and that was that.  I'm heading to Brazos Bend tomorrow for pictures for someone.  Maybe I'll stick around longer if I'm feeling a little daring.  Or, maybe I'll show up a little early and hope the sunrise is as pretty as it is today. 

If you don't hear from me again, it was probably the alligators that got me.

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